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Updated by Gabriel Anthony on May 06, 2016
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Best 10 things to do in Negombo – journey to an aesthetic delicacy

Located very much in close proximity to Bandaranaike International Airport, Negombo could be chosen as the first destination to soothe your holiday spirit with much to see such as its colonial legacy.


Catamaran photography

Negombo has a close connection with fishing industry. So to say, it is home to a rich fishing culture. The most attractive of all is probably the catamarans that the fishermen use. Hardly any idea what it is? Google catamaran and if you are fascinated go ahead and busy yourself with some catamaran photography.


Main Fish Market

Fishermen coming home is a familiar sight at the sunset. Most hotels in Negombo, Sri Lanka are located close to beach, as it is a hive of activities. Walk out to the beach and witness the fishermen coming home for an auction on the beach. The catch includes lobsters, crabs and prawns mainly, an expensive delicacy elsewhere in the world.


Dutch Fort

Moving a bit ahead from the beach and the lagoon, you will come across the old Dutch Fort. The date of its establishment is clear as it is mentioned at the gateway: 1678. Once a Dutch Fort, now it shelters the prisoners, as the fort is converted into a jail.


St. Mary's Church

Ask anyone in Negombo about this church, and you will easily get the directions. In fact it is a major attraction in the country. Claiming a history of 140 years, the church has a collection of interesting religious paintings. With those columns and the colonial walls, the church is definitely worth a visit inside.


Dutch Canal

Although this canal is confined to a tourist attraction today, it used to be a significant transportation path during the Dutch period. The canal has 60 miles in its length. When you take the ride through this canal, you will naturally get to see the whole city of Negombo.


The Angurukaramulla Temple

Angurukaramulla Temple could be fascinating for many reasons. First, you can see the legendary Buddha statue inside. Second, you have to enter through a dragon entrance. Third, you will be greeted by a variety of ancient murals. And fourth, you have the access to a library which is at least three centuries old. Some temples would take on the dragon's shape in a bid to chase away the evil beings. You can easily visit the temple if you stay somewhere convenient such as Club Hotel Dolphin.


Muthurajawela Marsh

Muthurajawela was originally a rice farm before the Portuguese set up a canal over it. As centuries lapsed, Muthurajawela slowly turned into a saline wetland providing shelter to cormorants, kingfishers and purple herons. Here you will also get to watch about 75 bird species.


Abhayasekararama Temple

Although smaller in comparison to most other temples, Abhayasekararama is maintained properly. And it is an interesting temple to visit. Just step in, and you will realize how different the temple is from its counterparts.


St. Anne's Church

The church has a peaceful ambience in it. You will feel how peaceful it is, when you enter the premises passing a busy city. Despite the city's busy nature, the church premises are always peaceful.


Dutch Clock Tower

Located close to the Dutch Fort, you won't find much peace here as crowds frequent here almost all the time. Even so, the clock tower is worth visiting, especially because it is an architectural masterpiece that belongs to the Dutch era.