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Great Google posts #53

An Excellent New Feature to Gather Realtime Feedback in Presentations Created by Google Slides ~ Educational Technolo...

Google Slides released an exciting new feature called Slides Q&A which allows presenters to connect with their audience and gather realtime feedback. Using a link displayed on a Slides presentation members of your audience can directly post their questions and comments and also vote on the ones they want answered the most. Audience members can engage with your presentation and ask questions from any device (tablets, phones and laptops).

Excellent Tutorials to Help You Create Presentations on Google Drive ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Here is a set of practical video tutorials on Google Slides (formerly Presentation) I have bookmarked over the last couple of months. The purpose behind this collection is to provide teachers, especially beginner users of Slides, with practical know-how to assist them in creating, editing and sharing Google Slides. Google Slides is one of the easiest and simplest presentation creation tool out there. It is also part of Google Drive suit which makes its integration with other Drive services a seamless process. The video tutorials below will introduce you to some of the basic tips and tricks to help you create beautiful slides on Google Slides. Check them out and , as always, share with us what you think of them enjoy.

Are You Ready to Disrupt Learning?

In late 2015, my best friend’s daughter was going through something really horrific at school. She would come home and cry about math tests and she was beginning to show signs of  hating scho…

Create an eBook with Google Slides - BetterCloud Monitor

Google Slides can be an incredibly simple and easy tool for creating eBooks, and this video shows you a couple of tips to get started. The first thing you’ll notice ...

Google Slides for Interactive Stories, Quizzes, and Games

'' webinar presented by Eric Curts. Description: We all know Google Slides is a great tool for makin...We all know Google Slides is a great tool for making multimedia slideshows. But did you know it can also be used to make "Choose Your Own Adventure" style stories, interactive quizzes, and online Jeopardy games? With the ability to link to specific slides and go to different slides depending on the choice, you can make and use interactive slideshows. Learn how teachers and students can use Google Slides to create more than just presentations.
Session resources:

The Techy Coach Blog: Google Classroom - Schedule Now, Post Later!

Google Classroom just keeps gettin' better every day! Now with the addition of a Schedule option for Assignments, teachers can plan ahead.

When creating an assignment, you can create a due date for your lesson as always. In the past, you had two options...Draft, or Assign. But what if you wanted to get some work done ahead of time, and needed to post the links to an exam online. You might be hesitant, because you don't want any self-starters to access the exam from home. In comes the Schedule option!

This option is located in the drop down menu of the Assign button. Click Schedule, and you can choose a date and time for your assignment to appear in the stream. Can't get any better than that!

Edgaged: Hyperdocs with Mrs. Knox

A hyperdoc, simply put, is an organized workspace for individuals or collaborative groups. Have you ever tried to give students a response sheet in Google Docs that looked like this?

The best way to revise with Google

This post was written by Andy Waters @peorbust. As we quickly enter the silly season of revision, revision and more revision I wanted to share with you in this post the best way in which you can us…

10 Ways to Use Google Docs in Physical Education - Teacher Tech

  Link to Google Drawing: Teachers, please feel free to use this at your schools and with students. This image is under copyright, please do not republish onto public blogs. Related No related posts.

More ways for schools & organizations to manage YouTube

In August 2015 we launched YouTube Settings in Google Apps to give schools and other organizations a way to manage the YouTube experience for users logged in to their domains and on networks they manage. Today we’re happy to announce a number of new features to make these more flexible and easier to use.

Channel whitelisting
Administrators and designated approvers can now whitelist entire channels, not just individual videos. For example, if you want to ensure that all current and future videos uploaded to your organization or school’s channel are watchable by your users, you can now simply add the entire channel to your approved list. Learn how to designate approvers.