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The reasons why CBT can make a difference to your health

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is one of a number of therapeutic approaches that individuals can choose when looking to address a particular issue that is causing a mental or physical health problem. It is important to have all the facts to hand and make an informed decision about what would work best for you. Here are some facts about CBT which will help you evaluate the benefit you could gain from this form therapy. If you decide CBT is for you then you may wish to contact us to make an appointment.


CBT is well established

With its roots in ancient philosophical traditions, CBT has evolved through the merging of the different behavioural and thinking (cognitive) therapies. As a form of therapy in its own right, CBT has now been around some time, long enough to be fully established and evaluated.


CBT is recommended by NICE

NICE or the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence as it is also known, is a Non Departmental Government Body that recommends, guides and advises on health and care treatments in England, based on research and evaluation. NICE has evaluated the success of CBT and recommends it as a therapeutic treatment.


CBT concentrates on the here and now, not the past

Whilst issues causing health problems such as anxiety and depression may be historical, CBT is interested with making a difference in the here and now. The focus of the therapy is on how to make changes to your thinking (cognition) and your actions (behaviours), whatever happened in your past. Making those changes will help you to manage or remove the problem, improving your health and well-being as you do.


CBT is practical

This is an aspect that most people really like about CBT- the fact that goals are set, and that the individual has to actively work in-between sessions on achieving those goals, and making those changes. Progress with CBT can be measured. By being active and practising, you are in control of making your health and your life better.


CBT isn't a long drawn out treatment

CBT is a short or medium term therapy. At the start of the sessions goals are decided, including how long the CBT sessions should be aiming to last. This is very different from some other therapies where sessions can go on indefinitely!