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Updated by Apex Direct Mail on Apr 22, 2016
Headline for How you can improve the marketing design of your direct mail by being personal
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How you can improve the marketing design of your direct mail by being personal

Direct mail continues to play a vital role in any successful company's marketing strategy. Used in conjunction with other methods it ensures a comprehensive coverage of the customer base. But what can you do to ensure the design of your direct mailing maximises your efforts? Well, making it more personal is one approach that almost certainly helps. Here are some ideas to get you started.


Change your postage method

Change your postage method

Envelopes through the door with a stamp attached are much rarer these days. They give the impression of being more personal than anything that comes through the door franked. If you can get you mail sent with a stamp that's a message to your customer that this mail is just for them.


Write it

Write it

Of course there are few businesses, if any, that have dedicated staff to handwrite their direct mail! However, you can achieve the personal touch of handwritten mail by choosing the right font type and size.


Make it personal

Make it personal

Good content is essential. Something irrelevant will either end up in the bin unopened, or in the bin 2 seconds after opening. So use some personal information – maybe a preference for example - in the message. It will make your content more targeted and add a personal touch that will be noticed.


Change it about

Your customer will feel more like an individual and less like a junk mail conduit if the mail they receive isn't the same old thing time and time again. No one wants to be taken for granted so make sure your direct mail isn't the same thing every time. Make it look different, and say different things- regularly.


The personal touch

This one isn't so much about the message inside, as the message outside. Making your direct mail an exciting experience by experimenting with the sense of touch will not only make it stand out from the crowd, but give your customer a more interesting experience. At Apex Direct Mail we can help you find and deliver that personal touch.