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School of Mass Communication

You would eventually have to do when you enter the real world of media. Before that, however, you should complete your education in journalism and mass media from a school like Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Delhi or AAFT School of Mass Communication to expand your horizons.

How to choose an institution for a mass communication course

Need of professionals in the field of news reporting, TV channels, websites and publications is on a rise. To meet this demand, a number of colleges and universities have come up with courses in mass communication at graduation and post-graduation level. Unlike few years back, when there were just three to four good colleges offering…

Why Choose a Diploma Degree in Journalism?

The media industry is rapidly growing day by day and with the internet and social media also joining in, the platforms of reporting too are becoming more varied. That is one of the reasons why people want to apply to journalism colleges in India, where they can learn reporting and become a journalist on a global level.

Vitality of journalism in modern society

Today, we can't do without knowing about the news and happenings of the world. This undeniable need of information has made journalism an inseparable component of the mass media structure and for this reason, career opportunities in the field of journalism are varied.

Want to become a Journalist

A career in journalism is one of the prestigious careers that you can opt for and a profession worth taking.If you want to make career in this field read this blog for more information.

Mass communication has quickly become the go- to course for anyone that wants to make a career in the creative industry.And its popularity is so high that proper organizations and companies too, recognize it and give it preference over others.

The leading colleges that offer journalism courses in India generally make available both undergraduate programs and post graduate degree or diploma programs in various branches of journalism.

Interview Tips Journalists should Keep in Mind

Mass communication courses - The life of a journalist is thought to be exciting and challenging, with one getting to cover the latest happening around the world. It was not that long ago, when a career in such a field or any creative field for that matter was thought to be worthless and a waste of one's time.

There can be many benefits of studying Mass Communication in this global age of information but three key benefits of taking up Mass Communication are what we are going to talk about today.If you also have an interest in mass communication and journalism and wish to make a career in this field, take your first step by doing a course in journalism from a reputed college or institute.

A career in the communication sector can be a very interesting and challenging one. Since the inception of media as an industry it has only steadily grown in the world of communication.

How to Prepare for a Career in Journalism

Journalism is a vast industry and offers job in news broadcasting, print media and online media.You must do proper research on all these areas and then choose a field that interests you.

Media is an important pillar of the society and requires young and talented people who can carry out their responsibilities efficiently.

4 ways in which mass media affects our lives

The vitality of mass communication revolves around the fact that a society requires communication in order to connect with its surroundings.Mass communication is an inseparable component of the modern society.

Skills required for a career in journalism

If you want to become a journalist, having good technical knowledge will keep you at edge of others. It will significantly increase your chances of being recruited by top employers from newspapers, magazines.

Is Journalism a Good Career Choice for You?

A lot of journalism colleges in India that offer degree, diploma and short term certificate courses in journalism. Minimum requirement to be eligible for a bachelor degree program is 10 plus 2 from recognised school.If you want to know about career read this post.

How to become an outstanding journalist

A journalist must possess certain qualities if they want to make it big. Let’s look at some very important characteristics of a good journalist like Sensitivity,Tenacity,Skepticism,Adaptability etc.

Admission procedure to apply for a journalism course

If we talk about the admission procedure for admission in journalism courses in Delhi, it is very simple. Majority of the colleges conduct an entrance test, which is followed by a personal interview.

Benefit of Mass Media Courses In India

Mass media is the latest term, which involves all the varied sectors of media, from text, audio, video, digital and more. One can even take a mass communication or mass media course form AAFT and gain important knowledge if one wants a profession in this industry.

Do Mass Communication for a Career in Creative Field

Mass Communication is not limited to journalism alone. To a great extent mass media is a modern reality which covers all aspects of human life. Moreover, a great change can be observed in the concept of people working in mass media.

All about VFX

VFX artists are responsible for creating animations through computer, for which various tools have now come in place. These computer generated animations and special effects on screen are used in movies to add the style quotient.

Reasons to Work with an Animation Studio

The demand for professionals in this sector has increased candidates applying for animation courses in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and other major cities of the country. For those interested in the creative field, and who are good at art and drawing.

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