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Headline for 5 Reasons to Visit Muscat Oman – Dazzling City of the Arab World
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5 Reasons to Visit Muscat Oman – Dazzling City of the Arab World

Muscat is well known for the freshest seafood and its amazing souks; however this Omani port city is also home to dazzling landscapes and a variety of experiences across desert and sea.


Enjoy a Spot of Haggling

Visit the Muttrah Souk for a unique experience and some marvellous buys. The place is a maze of jewellery stalls, souvenir kiosks and ceramic sellers. Amazingly soft pashminas made out of Llama wool, exquisitely carved gold jewellery and leather goods are yours to buy at this huge souk where bartering is a way of life. Remember to start at a lower price than what the seller is asking for and you will be able to comfortably meet them in the middle. If you head over to the stall around late evening there will be lots of locals honing in on their bargaining skills.


Explore an Extraordinary Mosque

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is the most iconic and elegant of all monuments contributed to the city by this illustrious leader. The mosque is a majestic structure that comprises of 4 elegant minarets, a 50m high golden dome and a white marble floor that is rivalled by few others. The men's prayer hall has been designed with utter lavishness; there are wall to wall Persian carpets and glittering chandeliers that are the size of a small vehicle. This room is visible to both sexes and on entering the mosque men should wear trousers and long sleeved shirts while women should be attired in a head covering shawl and garments that cover them from the collarbone to the below the knee.


Visit a Top Class Museum

If you want a taste of Oman's adventurous past do visit the Bait Al Zubai Museum where the countries rumbustious past is well chronicled. The Khanjar or traditional dagger is now worn only by the affluent citizens of Oman however at the museum you will come across many jewel encrusted daggers and other weapons. There are long swords embossed with pearls as well as stunning blades that have verses from the Quran embellished on them. If you are intent on savouring all that the city has to offer do consider the convenience of booking one of the serviced apartments Muscat offers. These well located retreats come equipped with all modern amenities and are ideal for short or long term stays. The Muscat CBD home to Somerset Panorama Muscat apartment hotel is an ideal place to base yourself for conveniently exploring the city.


Enjoy the Seafood

Muscat is a favoured city for its delicious seafood. Of course you will get the usual flat bread accompanied by loads of humus and grilled meat but forego this and visit the seafood restaurants. There a favourite to order is King Fish Curry; this is a chunky fish curry where cubes of fish are well cooked in thick gravy of coconut cream and spices. Restaurants located along the marina will serve seafood that has just arrived straight from the ocean; these are generally thrown straight on the grill to offer you juicy tiger prawns, tuna, kingfish and utterly delicious lobster.


Watch the Mischievous Dolphins

Get on a boat and tour the Gulf of Oman where Spinner Dolphins will put up quite a show. Watch how they hunt for tuna while living up to their names with spins, pirouettes and summersaults. You can easily book a two hour cruise from a reputed tour operator and enjoy the antics of these playful mammals.