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7 Things You Can do in Tianjin – Tianjin to do list

Once a colony under the British, Tianjin rose from ashes to be the biggest harbor city in northern China. Probably how it is a hub of activities for the modern guest.


Coffee Hour at Astor Hotel

This elegant Victorian hotel has provided accommodation to many political figures. Walk a few steps inside, and you will come across a great museum inside. Quite unusual for a hotel, of course this is the one and only in China. The museum takes you to the invisible history of the city and its major incidents. You will get to see China's first phone as well as the elevator.

All that aside, Coffee Hour is the ideal place to enjoy a hot cup of coffee in leisure. If you stay somewhere like Somerset Youyi Tianjin, Coffee Hour is not so far.


Great Wall at Huangya Pass

Located on the east mountain towards Jixian county, the Great Wall is a strangely isolated place. You won't see much crowds like in Beijing. The Wall has 66 towers and 14 watchtowers. Do not forget to enter the Music Wall. Step on it, and at that very moment you will hear an interesting piano sound. And do not forget your camera as well, since the spot is quite picturesque.


Ferris Wheel — Eye of Tianjin

Built on a bridge, once you get to the Ferris Wheel, you will enjoy a 360-degree scenery of Tianjin. You can live that moment for about 30 minutes from the middle of the river. You will probably think that the Ferris wheel remains stationary. Actually it moves under water, but in a slow pace.


Tianjin Haihe Cultural Square

Locals and foreigners alike, they all gather here to chill out. It is the ideal place to chill out with its exquisite architecture and bridges over River Haihe. The cultural square is not hard to locate, as it rests there right in front of the Tianjin Railway Station.
Most visitors would not forget a river cruise here. They relish every moment by either swimming or just sightseeing the ancient buildings.


Five Great Avenues

What five? They are famously known as Chengdu, Chongqing, Changde, Dali and Munan. These avenues bear the western influence fused with marvelous architecture. Take one of the avenues and imagine how life could have existed on this very same earth many decades – or probably centuries – ago. Rent a bicycle to enjoy the breeze and the ancient charm.


Italian Style Street

For Italian food, it is the Italian Style Street – of course! But the street is not confined to Italian cuisine. You are at a labyrinth of 200 European restaurants. Those shops have Italian souvenirs and the restaurants offer music live. Better stay at one of the serviced apartments Tianjin has to offer located closely, so that you can reach here often.


Tianjin Folklore Museum

Here is the place that showcases the essence of Tianjin's unique culture. With its 2000 folk items, you will gradually come to terms with their daily life, trade, arts and apparel. On a more interesting note, these items also narrate you how water transportation, salt industry and fishing evolved in Tianjin.

The museum will also show you a façade of Tianjin's folk culture.