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Almond News

Here we are sharing Almond Recipes, News, and Benefits etc.

7 Health Benefits of Almond You Might Not Know About – Infographic

Here are 7 surprising health benefits of almond that force you to eat almonds daily.

Ways to use Almonds when cooking

Sure, you know almonds are a great snack but did you know they’re also great in lots of dishes you might cook?? That’s right! Here are some of our favorite recipes that have almonds.

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Buy California Almonds at Affordable Cost

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Why California Almonds Are The Best in The World?

Want to know why California almonds is best ? Check out this blog about California almonds journey, benefits and best way to consume.

6 Reasons Why Men Should Consume Almond ?

Things get done, when we do them. This seems obvious, but when it comes to personal health many of us take our bodies for granted and expect to enjoy a healthy body for ever.

Top 4 Reasons, Why almonds are boon for Women's health ?

Do you know why almonds are boon for Women’s health? We created infographic which will give you information about almonds and it’s benefits for the women. Go through this infographic.

Bees: The hardest workers in the Almond Business

Even California’s #almond growers will admit that for four months of the year the hardest workers in their orchards are not paid by the hour.

What 7 Almonds Can Do

These 7 almonds, which are lightly salted, provide 6.26g of protein and include 5.47g of carbohydrates, 14.98 g of fat and 169 calories.

Why Almonds Are Perfect Match For Paleo Food Plan

Most people don’t realize that almonds are a perfect match for the Paleo food plan – a popular program touted as a way to lose weight and improve overall wellness.

New RF Technology For Organic Almonds

Organic almond growers now have a new method to meet the state’s pasteurization requirement. The Almond Board of California (ABC) has approved radio frequency (RF) pasteurization, a chemical and heat free process to reduce pathogens in almonds.

California Almond History

Almond trees are so ubiquitous in California’s Central Valley, that you might think they are natives of the state. But the truth is, like many of the state’s current residents, they are immigrants.

California Almond Facts

The earliest varieties of almonds were found in China. Almond trees were carried to Europe along the Silk Road. Almonds are mentioned in the Bible and were an important ingredient in bread served to the Egyptian pharos.

Growing Organic Almonds Takes Extra Care

The interest in organic almonds from California has tracked the nationwide trend toward increased demand for organic products according to a report in Western Farm Press.

Which are the Healthiest Nuts ?

There is no doubt that nuts are among the healthiest foods you can eat. Their combination of protein and nutrients combined with relatively low fat make them a perfect snack or ingredient.