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Headline for How to purchase the right water pump for your home?
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How to purchase the right water pump for your home?

There are lot of things that you have to attend to when you are purchasing or building the right home. Apart from all the regular construction activities, having a close look at the water requirement and the pumps being used is very important. There are a several points you have to look at closely before you zero in on the pump you have to buy. Here is a simple question guide to take you through that complicated decision –


How much water do you need & how often you need to use your pump?

How much water do you need & how often you need to use your pump?

Before you decide on the pump you need for your home, you need to know the water usage you would have and with it the pressure required too. To understand the amount of water you need. You can add it up with a benchmark as below. A single small cottage or house would be about 250 litres a day, a small house with about 2-3 people would be about 500 litres a day, a medium home with 4 people would typically need close to 650 litres a day and a large home with 5-6 people would require close to about 850 litres a day. The entire consumption of water depends upon the number of people who are living there and their consumption behaviour.

Once you understand the water consumption, you would have to calculate the capacity of the water tank and how often you would have to use the water pump in a day.


What pressure has to be maintained?

You need to maintain 45 to 70 psi water pressure for domestic purposes. To figure this out, you need to calculate the height difference from the pump and the highest point of water and if there is any pressure available already. You should also check if the pump requires a suction device, in case the water is stored underground or has to be drawn out of a tanker below ground level.


What is the power your pump needs?

You need to decide on the power required to pump the water up. In case of a single floor building you would be fine with a 0.5 HP motor. If you have a two floor building, you would be better off with a 1 HP motor and if you have a 3 floor building a 1.5 or 2 HP motor. All of these motors would work just fine with a 25 x 25mm pipe size.


What kind of power source do your require for the water pump?

There are different energy sources that can used to pump water. You could use a diesel or kerosene pump, or a pump that works on electricity. For residential purposes, an electric pump would be your first choice. They are more adaptable for home purposes and you can use them frequently in case you have a few people staying over too.


What is the warranty on the pump?

Always choose a pump that comes with a year warranty at least. This way you would be able to check if there is any problem with the installation and utility of the pump. Most of the branded pumps like Usha come with a warranty on their products, so you are completely sure of your purchase.


Lastly, the cost of the pump.

You can check the cost of the pump across several online portals. The water pump price in India ranges across the above five factors and you would be able to get a good price when you purchase it online today. There are multiple e-commerce platforms offering cash back or discounts. Additionally, you would be able to get the benefit of cash on delivery for your orders. You can compare the prices from offline stores too or via your contractor before finalising on the best deal.

Having the right pump at home is extremely crucial because a failure in the pump even for a single day can be extremely difficult. You can look up the best water pump prices in India here - It would give you a clear picture about the products that would be apt for your new home. If you have been thinking about getting that perfect pump for your home, it would be a wise idea to start your research on the above point so that you can make an informed buy. It would be a great idea to discuss with your contractor on the different options and which would suit your requirement best.