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AZ Driving School Toronto

Sprint driving School is a place that comprises of one of the finest instructors who are fully certified and are well-experienced in offering AZ License Training in Toronto. We can guide you in backing techniques, coupling, uncoupling and more.

7 Tips to Breeze Through Your Lessons at Truck Driving School

We know how tough the lessons can be at a truck driving school. We have put together 7 useful tips to breeze through the truck driving school lessons. Skim through for better knowledge now!


Top 5 Advantages of Driver’s Education (ED) Courses

Top 5 Advantages of Driver’s Education (ED) Courses

Driver’s Education courses from a reputed driving school in Toronto is highly recommended for a successful career as a truck driver in Ontario. Read More...

Top 5 Advantages of Driver’s Education (ED) Courses

Driver’s Education (ED) courses from a reputable driving school are highly recommended for a successful trucking career. Head in to know what are the top 5 advantages of driver’s education courses.


Tips for Passing the Final Test after Truck Driving Classes

Tips for Passing the Final Test after Truck Driving Classes

To become a professional truck driver, you need to enroll in a driving school and attend all truck driving classes. Read More: Tips for Passing the Final Test after Truck Driving Classes


Top Qualities of A Good Driving Instructor

Top Qualities of A Good Driving Instructor

Every driving school in Toronto hires a driving instructor. We all understand the role an approved driving instructor plays in imparting knowledge. Read More: Top Qualities of A Good Driving Instructor

AZ Driving School’s Advice : 7 Things Truck Drivers Should Avoid

Becoming a truck driver, one has to go through a lot of hardships to achieve mastery in driving as well as passing the test. Your little mistake can hamper your career and also can bring forth obstacle in passing the driving test. So, we are here with top instruction that you should never do.

Best Driving Tips from Driving Instructor to Learner Drivers

Driving is not just holding certificate or license. Yes, there are so many things you need to do to become good to great driver. So, go through the tips given here for how to become a good driver and what role a driving instructor Toronto plays.

Best Toronto Driving School

Toronto driving school specializes in providing boat driving license and other vehicle driving license. Ability to drive a boat is an important life skill which everyone must master.

How to Become a Successful Bus Driver in the GTA?

Want to be a successful bus or truck driver? Apart from getting license, there are plenty of things required to be a professional bus/truck driver. Catch up with top suggestion explained by Sprint Driving School.

Preparing for Truck Driver Job Part 1: Questions You’ll Be Asked

Becoming a professional truck driver opens up an opportunity to earn your livelihood. But, you need to pass a driving test to obtain a license. Head in right here to know the question asked in the test.

Top 5 Smart Truck Driving Tips Suggested by Professionals

Are a professional truck driver and often on long tour? Here’s a list of smart tips which can help remain safe while rolling down the highway. Read on to know the top safety tips you should follow while driving.

What Does Forklift Driving Lesson Entail?

We have presented a list of three things that commonly go wrong in the sewage treatment plants in India. We have also mentioned the ways you can fix these issues.

What is Ontario Class D License?

According to the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, the class D driver’s license allows the drivers to operate a motor vehicle or truck including a towed truck. Read on to learn about DZ driver’s license requirements.

Defensive Driving Instructor's Tips to Avoid Road Rage Incidents

It is essential to learn the defensive driving techniques to avoid any road rage incidents and aggressive driving. Our driving instructors have listed a few tips to help you become a wise driver so you can handle even big vehicles like a truck or a bus.

Why Driving Schools are Better than Individual Driving Instructors

Driving any vehicle Toronto requires you to follow certain rules and regulations including having a valid driving license. Read on to know why enrolling in a professional driving school is better than taking lessons from individual instructors.

Is it Mandatory to Obtain a Boating License in Ontario?

If you wish to enjoy driving a boat on the Canadian waters, it is essential to know if you need a boating license and take boating safety course and lessons from a driving instructor in Toronto, Ontario. Head in to learn more about it.

What Do You Learn in a Truck Driving School?

Taking driving lessons from a leading truck driving school in Toronto not only helps you to obtain a DZ driver’s license or any other license but also helps you to learn essential skills to become a successful truck driver.

Tips From Our Driving Instructors to Maintain a Logbook Properly

Our driving instructors in Toronto believe that it is essential to know how to maintain a logbook when driving a truck so you have a detailed record. This is why we teach the best ways to maintain a proper logbook as a part of our driving course.

Driving Lessons for Night Driving: Do’s and Don’ts

When learning to drive a truck, it helps to take driving lessons from reputable instructors in Toronto who can also help you with night driving. Check out a few do’s and don’ts of night driving here.


What Should You Know About Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Trucking?

What Should You Know About Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Trucking?

As a top driving school in Toronto, we understand that truck drivers have to face the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning in their line of work. Learn about the health effects of carbon monoxide emission and effective ways to reduce your exposure.


What is the Difference Between AZ and DZ license?

What is the Difference Between AZ and DZ license?

If you are looking for truck driving lessons, it helps to know the difference between DZ license and AZ license to get the required training. Learn more about the basic distinction here to understand better.