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Updated by Gursharn Bassi on Apr 18, 2016
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What Busy People Want From a Delivery Service

Whilst online shopping makes our lives much easier, placing an ever-widening range of products at our finger tips, waiting around for deliveries can often ruin the whole shopping experience. Most people will understand the frustration that comes from sitting around to wait for a delivery, or returning home to find a missed delivery card. What would you like to expect from a delivery service?


No need to ring a courier to find out the whereabouts of your parcel

If you are eager to find out where your parcel is, rather than needing to make numerous phone calls to a courier, the choice to log into a computer system to track progress is a much more appealing choice.


No more need to specify a ‘safe place’

It’s quite common to be able to specify a ‘safe place’ to leave a parcel if you are out, but how secure is a safe place? Even parcels that are inexpensive in terms of cash value can be important, so it’s always best to feel that it is safe and secure once it is delivered. By arranging a specific delivery time, the need to specify a safe place is redundant.


A service that operates outside of 9-5 working hours

For people that regularly work throughout the day, one of the biggest needs from a courier service is a delivery time when they are more likely to be able to receive it. Arranging a delivery to be sent to your work address is not always an option, so longer delivery hours are a must for many working people.


A more precise choice of delivery window

One of the main problems with waiting for a delivery is that in many cases, the delivery window is extremely broad. For example, it’s not uncommon for delivery windows to be as wide as 8am to 6pm. This is a very long time for someone to be tied to one place to wait for a delivery. Ideally, a great delivery service would offer a much shorter delivery window, with drivers arriving punctually.


First time delivery

When we order online, the reason is often to make our life easier. Some products can be hard to find in shops, or sometimes, arranging a delivery can save you the hassle of travelling a long way to make a small purchase. However, if a delivery arrives at the wrong time, you have to wait for a second delivery attempt, or have to go to a depot to pick up your item (this can be particularly annoying as many depots have limited opening hours). First time delivery is high on the list of what most people would want from a delivery service.