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North Texas Cancer Center at Wise

North Texas Cancer Center at Wise as one of the leading cancer treatment centers in Texas, the Cancer Center at Wise Regional has built a reputation for providing patients with superior care – from diagnosis and treatment to recovery and after-care.

NorthTexasCancerCenterAtWise - Complete Cancer Care Under One Roof

North Texas Cancer Center At Wise offers the most advanced treatments for cancer with board-certified cancer specialists. Our goal is to provide the highest quality cancer care treatment available to residents of North Texas and surrounding areas.

NorthTexasCancerCenterAtWise - Facts Behind Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Researchers found that the gap in diagnosis rates between the two races essentially closed between 2008 and 2012 in the United States. Women who are age 40 or over are urged to talk about undergoing mammograms with their healthcare providers.

NorthTexasCancerCenterAtWise - Liver Tumor Treatment With Radiotherapy

Liver cancer strikes an estimated 39,000 Americans each year. People who are concerned about liver cancer are urged to discuss this topic with their healthcare providers.

NorthTexasCancerCenterAtWise - Acrylamide in Food: Is It a Concern?

Acrylamide is a chemical that’s used in industrial processes, such as the creation of dyes, plastics and paper. Researchers have found acrylamide in some foods that were heated above 248 degrees Fahrenheit, but not in foods prepared at temperatures lower than this.

NorthTexasCancerCenterAtWise - Post-Prostatectomy Radiation

While researchers acknowledged their study group was relative small, their findings shed light on the benefits of post-prostatectomy radiotherapy. Men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer should carefully review all treatment options with their healthcare providers.

NorthTexasCancerCenterAtWise - Most Renowned Cancer Treatment Centers in Texas

North Texas Cancer Center at Wise is specialize in providing the best prostate and breast cancer treatment in Texas.

NorthTexasCancerCenterAtWise - Find Breast Cancer With MRI

A recent study shed light on how MRIs are actually able to catch breast cancers that standard mammograms may miss. MRIs may direct clinicians to previously unseen and potentially more dangerous tumors.

NorthTexasCancerCenterAtWise - Breast Cancer Care

Breast cancer strikes more than 240,000 American women each year. There are no guarantees for women undergoing breast cancer treatment that their fertility can be maintained.

NorthTexasCancerCenterAtWise - Prophylactic Double Mastectomy

Several recent studies have indicated that double mastectomy may not always be the best choice for women when lower-risk forms of the disease present.

NorthTexasCancerCenterAtWise - Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Researchers found that the gap in diagnosis rates between the two races essentially closed between 2008 and 2012 in the United States.

Proton beam therapy works in much the same way as traditional radiation therapy. This form of treatment results in the irradiation of diseased cells, which essentially eradicates them.

Radiotherapy In Rectal Cancer

A recent study involving nearly 30,000 patients with rectal cancer found that these people were more likely to develop second pelvic tumors than the general population. The development, researchers found, was not related to the use of radiation.

HPV Vaccinations

The vaccine in question protects against the human papillomavirus or HPV. The virus has been linked to most cases of cervical cancer, but can also be linked to such cancers as those found in the vagina, vulva, throat and anus.

Health Care Exercises

Researchers have found that vigorous exercise may help people prevent and/or treat cancer. While exercise may help improve health standing, it is not a replacement for medical advice in regard to screening and, if necessary, treatment should cancer be diagnosed.


An estimated 40,000 American women die from breast cancer each year. Researchers have found that lumpectomies combined with radiotherapy have much more promising results than mastectomies alone.

Dr. Gregory Echt

Dr. Echt treats his patients at the Cancer Center at Wise Regional, as well as Las Colinas Cancer Center, and the Prostate Seed Institute. He also performs prostate seed implantation in multiple private North Texas surgery centers.

Proton beam therapy is becoming more widely accepted for use in a variety of cancers,” explains Dr. Gregory Echt, founder and lead surgeon at the North Texas Cancer Center at Wise.

Women can play a major role in stomping out cervical cancer by reporting in for routine pap examinations. This simple test often enables doctors to catch cervical cancer in its earliest, non-invasive form, enabling highly successful treatment.

The Head And Neck Cancers Treatment Advice

Researchers have found that in healthy elderly patients, a combination of chemotherapy and radiotherapy can produce very promising benefits if other comorbidities are present.

Metastatic Prostate Cancer Results

Recently, researchers observed in the results of men with metastases to previous fat pad of prostate lymph nodes.

Breast Cancer - Genetic Testing Rates Rising

Genetic testing to determine the presence or absence of the BRCA1 or BRCA2 can be very important in the treatment process step genes, researchers say.

Linked To Melanoma

To shed light on a possible link between the use of tanning beds and melanoma, researchers conducted a study involving nearly 700 men and women diagnosed with melanoma.

Palliative Radiotherapy - Supportive Care

Studies have shown that today the very specific radiation that is able to focus on tumors without affecting healthy tissue much can have a big impact on the quality of care in incurable cases.

Patient Preference Matters in End-of-Life Care

A recent study casts light on the changing thoughts surrounding end-of-life care. That study found that nearly 42 percent of primary care physicians felt they over-treated patients in end-of-life scenarios.

Exploring Sugar’s Connection to Cancer

Although attempting to battle cancer by staving its cells of glucose will likely result in healthy cells being damaged, as well, cutting down on processed sugar and eating a healthy, balanced diet is a smart idea, health professionals say.

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