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Cancer Center Las Colinas

Las Colinas Cancer Treatment Center is a leader in the field of cancer care. They create a very specialized, individual treatment plan that is planned to tackle each patient’s unique diagnosis and very individual requirements.

LasColinasCancerCenter - Breast Cancer Treatment in Texas

Las Colinas Cancer Center understands that breast cancer not only affects one part of the body. It affects you and all in your life. We offer a variety of prevention programs and support for patients, survivors and their relatives.

LasColinasCancerCenter - An Overview of Colon Cancer

Learn about colon cancer and improves the chances for cure. Make an appointment with our team to discuss scheduling your screening.

LasColinasCancerCenter - Diagnosing Lung Cancer

At Las Colinas Cancer Center, we understand the uncertainty that comes with a diagnosis of lung cancer. Explore the latest medical research on cancer including experimental treatments.

LasColinasCancerCenter - Cold Caps To Cut Hair Loss From Chemo

Las Colinas Cancer Center, we offer the revolutionary Chemo Cold Cap, an amazing product that helps cancer patients undergoing treatment to preserve their hair.

LasColinasCancerCenter - Numerous Medications For Cancer

Las Colinas Cancer Center offers the best breast cancer treatment options & personal care from our experienced staff serving in North Texas, Dallas, Keller, Southlake, Grapevine, Ft Worth, Wichita Falls, Euless, Bedford, Hurst, Arlington, Texas and surrounding areas.

LasColinasCancerCenter - Adjuvant Cancer Therapy

Adjuvant cancer therapy refers to the ongoing treatment provided after the primary treatment. The chances of cure increase with an adjuvant cancer therapy plan.

At Las Colinas, we are committed to treating the person, not just the disease. Our goal is to provide treatment with comprehensive care.

LasColinasCancerCenter - Alternative Cancer Treatments

Las Colinas Cancer Center offers some alternative cancer treatments that helps to reduce your stress and manage your symptoms by finding the right formula for you.

LasColinasCancerCenter - Information On Neuroendocrine Tumors

Patients who are diagnosed with neuroendocrine tumors should discuss all their options with their healthcare providers.

LasColinasCancerCenter - Breast Conserving Surgery

Breast cancer when caught early, is often highly treatable using a variety of techniques now available. Breast conserving surgery, known as a lumpectomy, has stood up well when used in conjunction with chemotherapy and radiation both.

White House’s Cancer Moonshot Puts Focus On Finding a Cure

Announced earlier this year, the cancer moonshot was created on the heels of Vice President Joe Biden’s son Beau’s death. Both Biden and President Barack Obama believe that focusing the country’s investments while stating a singular mission will aid in eradicating this disease. To that end, a Cancer Moonshot Task Force has been established to oversee an estimated $1 billion investment in research.

Radiation, Androgen Deprivation

Androgen deprivation therapy involves the use of medications that block prostate cancer cells from gaining the fuel they need to thrive from hormones, such as testosterone.

Hoping to gain greater insights into the genetic mutation connection that leads to cancer, researchers are pushing the federal government to relax some of the rules.

Combination Therapy

Studies related to the triple therapy have so far been performed on mice. The results have been promising enough that researchers are eager to see if the combination can also help humans improve their survival chances when gene-mutations present.

Benefit From Mammograms

After looking at the data, researchers were able to determine that women between 75 and 84 were less likely over a 10-year period to die from breast cancer if they underwent regular mammograms.

Aromatase Inhibitors

While some women take the step of undergoing prophylactic mastectomies, not all are interested in this option. Researchers are finding, however, that there may be a way to help these women lower their breast cancer risks.

White House’s Cancer Moonshot May Serve as Tipping Point

The moonshot features a number of prongs that make it different than any other research push to date. In addition to more than $1 billion in funding, the program is being driven by a Cancer Moonshot Task Force.

Survivors of Certain Cancers May Be More Likely to Develop Others

Researchers recently performed an analysis of data related to survivors of breast and thyroid cancer. The numbers show there was a link between incidence of breast cancer as a secondary malignancy after thyroid cancer diagnosis and vice versa.

Oropharyngeal Cancer Recurrence With Biomaker

Researchers believe they have found a way to properly detect patients with oropharyngeal cancer to determine which are most likely to witness recurrence.

Adjuvant Therapy - Invasive Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasm

The recent study, however, found that in the case of intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm invasive, adjuvant therapy may have a survival benefit in promising place.

Prostate Cancer Remains Difficult to Stop

Although no cure has been found for this form of prostate cancer so far, researchers do not have a set of treatment guidelines designed to offer men the best chance of extending life.

Folate Deficiency and Multiple Myeloma

There are a number of risk factors for multiple myeloma, but most are not those people can change. Age, sex, race and family history, for example, are all considered risks. Obesity, however, has also been linked to this condition.

An Ongoing Commitment To Breast Health - Mammograms

Mammograms are still only part of the effective early detection of breast cancer. Still just as important to see your gynecologist for an annual clinical examination and self-examination monthly perform.

Mammograms May Help Find Other Health Concerns

A recent study looked into the benefits of also monitoring for telltale signs of heart disease during mammograms. Those who read mammograms have long known they could detect plaque buildup in the arteries that supply oxygenated blood to the breasts.

Cancer Prevention: Foods to Avoid

Mushrooms have long been believed to help fight breast and other cancers that are hormone related because they have the ability to inhibit aromatase.

  • Las Colinas Cancer Center is one of the best cancer clinics, offering cancer radiation treatment for all types of cancer including breast and prostate cancer. Visit our Cancer Treatment center in Texas.

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