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Updated by Kelinton Felder on Apr 17, 2016
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List of Awesome Things to do in Maldives – Tropical Archipelago of Fun

The Maldives resplendent with over a 1000 gorgeous coral islands and powdery white sand beaches is an alluring destination for living out many of your tropical fantasies. Listed are a few suggestions.


Scuba Diving at Banana Reef

Banana Reef was the first scuba dive location to become popular in the Maldives and it still is. The place is home to a diverse variety of naturally formed cliffs, overhangs and caves which offer both the novice and professional diver loads of exotic places to explore. Another major attraction at Banana Reef is the huge variety of marine life traversing the point; enjoy sights of large barracudas, manta rays, reef sharks, groupers, moray eels and blue fish snappers. The reef is so named due to its banana like shape and is ideal for both scuba diving and scanning the surface by snorkelling.


Fish Head – Mushmasmingali Thila

Fish head is a sharp vertical type reef that is home to a large number of grey Reef Sharks. The multiple ledges are feeding grounds for the shark making Fish Head a world famous dive site. Apart for sharks the place is thriving with other marine life such as black corals, sea anemones, fusiliers, sea fans and napoleons. The huge schools of feeding barracuda are quite a treat.


Explore Kuda Giri Wreck on South Male Atoll

This is a favoured dive site for many enthusiastic divers who love exploring the small wreck standing upright at depths of 15 to 30 metres. Although the wreck is the main lure giri meaning pinnacle refers to the reef which on its own is an excellent dive spot. This wreck was purposely sunk as a means of creating a mock reef around which an abundance of Tubastrea coral and red and yellow sponges flourish.

South Male Atoll is an excellent area in which to enjoy the beauty and many attractions of the coral islands. You may be wise to consider a Maldives luxury hotel located here for the ultimate experience. There are many excellent resorts located on private islands around the atoll like Cocoa Island by COMO, Maldives.


Explore Traditional Culture

The sun sand and surf is of course the domineering allure in Maldives but for those of you who fancy a bit of culture there is plenty of sightseeing in Maldives. Browse the ancient mosques such as Hukuru Miskiiy – Friday Mosque the oldest in Maldives. It is resplendent with coral stone walls, Arabic inscriptions on its walls and traditionally carved wooden door frames. Spend some time at the Maldives Museum and you will be amazed at the rich history the little island nation is heir to. Take on a shopping tour and discover the fabulous handicrafts stalls where beautifully hand crafted souvenirs are yours for the picking.


Take on an Island Hopping Tour

Explore the islands; your tour will cover the fabulous uninhabited islands as well as the local islands. Look forward to idyllic picnics, snorkelling and swimming to your hearts content within the isolated sand bars and little islets. Later head on over to the local island villages and enjoy your dose of culture; chat to the locals and maybe watch a fresh catch being brought in. Awesome things to do on the archipelago are absolutely endless as are the long glorious sunny days; experienced at the best Maldives resort.