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Updated by WhatUsersDo on Apr 15, 2016
Headline for Flashback Friday: Best Articles in UX, Design & Ecommerce This Week (April 11-15)
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Flashback Friday: Best Articles in UX, Design & Ecommerce This Week (April 11-15)

What's the best of UX this week? We cherry-picked the most interesting articles on UX, Design, Ecommerce, Product & Digital Marketing from around the web.

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Let Qualitative Research Inform Your Content Strategy

By Melissa Eggleston
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Time on site, website traffic, types of visitors, exit rates, and other metrics tell you what is happening on your website. This is valuable behavioral information. But why is it happening? Numbers leave out context. Focus on the people behind the numbers to get the full story of what’s going on. Learn how to use qualitative research.

Product Management for the Internet of Things

By Daniel Elizalde
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In this talk from ProductTank San Francisco, I walk you through the IoT Decision Framework I developed to tackle the complexity of IoT products. The framework provides a structured way to organize your product strategy, identify gaps, and build your IoT roadmap.

Why product thinking is the next big thing in UX design

By Nikkel Blaase
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When you think about good user experience, what often comes to mind is a simple, beautiful, and easy-to-use feature set of a product that makes the user’s life easier. But features are merely a small, fragile part of the product. They are only a few of many thinkable solutions for a user’s problem. Product thinking considers specific problems experienced by users, along with jobs to be done, goals, and revenues.

Design for Humanity

By Daniel Eckler
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Form and function are universal concepts that every junior designer considers when developing new work. But there is a third, more subtle factor at play in design; one that many designers may relate to subconsciously but rarely express as a priority in their design thinking: feeling.

How TurboTax Used Design To Win The Tax Wars

By Meg Miller
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At a time when everything from ride sharing to food delivery can be done via app, it's no surprise that many Americans are preparing their taxes online—and no company has figured out the online filing space better than TurboTax, the popular do-it-yourself digital tax software. Its secret weapon? Focusing on user experience.