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Content Marketing

Content marketing tips, tricks and tools for small to large B2C/B2B businesses.

The 6 Core Elements Of A Successful Content Marketing Strategy - Exit Bee Blog

When planned and executed in a strategic manner, content marketing can actually boost the traffic to a business website, increase the social following and even displace market competition to take the position of an industry authority.

Here are the 6 core elements of a successful content marketing strategy.

6 Simple Tricks To Make Your Content More Actionable - Exit Bee Blog

Most of the content we see today lacks actionability because it isn’t able to completely empathize with its readers. The results of which is the reader loses interest in the content piece altogether or ends up not knowing what to do next.

Here are 6 tips to turn your content actionable from just a block of text.

6 Popular Content Marketing Tips You Need To Stop Following Today - Exit Bee Blog

Content marketing is no longer a buzzword. It is a need and businesses need to understand what content marketing tips shouldn't be followed.

How To Create Compelling Video Ads And Measure Their Success - Adalyz

Read on to know how you can create compelling social media video ads and measure their success.

Why Content Marketers Must Use Rich Media This Year - Exit Bee Blog

Rich media is a form of engaging content that has been a buzzword in the marketing industry for some time now. Online marketers – digital and content, are consistently looking for ways to differentiate themselves from their competition by producing high quality content.

And that’s exactly why rich media should be a part of your marketing strategy. It gives you the opportunity to deliver high quality content with dynamic elements that ensure a rich user experience.

How To Create A Content Marketing Strategy From Scratch In 12 Simple Steps - Exit Bee Blog

Your current content marketing strategy is doing well and everyone’s mighty pleased with the results it is bringing in. But when you’re asked to finally put it down on a document – stepwise, it seems nothing short of a challenge thrown in front of you.

The 4 Pillars Of A Successful Referral Marketing Campaign - Exit Bee Blog

Creating a word-of-mouth marketing strategy? Here are the 4 pillars of a successful referral marketing campaign. 

How To Expand Your Marketing Tactics With Predictive Analytics

The digital world is ever expansive and constantly evolving. Therefore, to plan solid marketing strategies and yield favourable results for businesses, it is necessary for marketers to be consistently on their toes and look for newer and better profit-making, customer-engaging techniques. The latest buzz-making word in the digital spectrum is “predictive analytics”.

How Media Companies And Blogs Can Reduce Bounce Rates And Increase Conversions With Exit Intent Popups - Exit Bee Blog

Ideas on how media companies and blogs can use exit intent popups to reduce their bounce rates and increase conversions. 

5 Popup Strategies That Will Not Annoy Your Visitors - Exit Bee Blog

Think popups are irritating? Here are a few popup strategies that will not annoy your website visitors and only help you convert them effectively.

5 Reasons Your Blog Readers Are Not Converting And How To Fix It - Exit Bee Blog

Taking a look at the top 5 reasons why your blog readers are not converting and how you can fix it.

The Anatomy Of A High Converting Popup - Exit Bee Blog

Trying to implement a popup on your website? Here's the anatomy of a high converting popup.

5 Reasons Your Business Should Consider Conducting A Survey - Exit Bee Blog

Here are a few reasons why every business should consider conducting a survey and tips on how to do so for better results. 

13 Hacks To Reduce Bounce Rates And Keep Your Website Visitors Engaged Longer

In this post we share some hacks that will reduce bounce rates and keep visitors on your website longer.

Are Your Exit Intent Popups Optimized For Conversions? - Exit Bee Blog

Tips to optimize your exit intent popups for higher conversions from your business website. Time to get more customers!

Why Popups Are Not Dead And Which Of Them Really Work - Exit Bee Blog

After a number of posts on how popups help business websites convert more of their visitors, here’s a statement we’d like to put out there:

Why Your Content Marketing Strategy Is Just Not Successful (5 Lessons Learnt Over 8 years)

Is your content marketing strategy not working? Here's taking a look at the few lessons we learnt over 8 years to optimize it for better results.

Why storytelling is the hack for higher email conversion rates and how you can use it

Why storytelling is the hack for higher email conversion rates and how marketers need to leverage from it. If you don't have a story, no one wants you.

Why Customer Engagement Should Be The Measure Of Digital Success And How To Do It

Want to measure your digital success? Here's taking a look at why your marketers need to measure customer engagement first.


Here's taking a look at the 7 ways video content boost the conversion rates of brand and business websites and gets them more customers.

6 Type Of Blog Posts Your Audience Will Definitely Love You For

Not sure about what to post on your blog? Here are 6 types of blog posts your audience will definitely love you for.

5 Examples Of The Good And Bad Popups Business Websites Use

5 examples of good and bad popups!

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Is Influencer Marketing the Future of Marketing - Exit Bee Blog

Is influencer marketing the future of marketing? Here's taking a look with Shane Barker's infographic on influencer marketing today.

Why And How Businesses Can Grow With User Generated Content

Here's how the top brands use the power of user generated content to maintain their position in the niche till date. And how you can do it too!

Fashion Blogger? Here's How To Increase Your Instagram Following! - Exit Bee Blog

Are you a fashion blogger struggling to get more followers on Instagram? Well, we have some tips and hacks for you, that you need to try!