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Can a Person own a Letter? You can on Twitter. The A to Z List

Andrei Zmievski - @a

Coder, photographer, beer lover and brewer, Russian, and San Franciscan. Software architect at @AppDynamics.

Brian Griffing - @b

Hello, My Name is Brian.. I play music.. I tour.. you should come see me play a show! If you want a preview, please visit:

Coley Cheng - @c

I am the open book on your mantle. Let's discover this world together.

Dave Bragdon - @d

I can't wait for the future.

Fred Oliveira - @f

Trying to figure things out in the intersection of code and design.

Greg Leding - @g

State legislator. Communications Chair, Third District Whip for the @arhousedems. Founder of @codeandsignal.

Helgi Þorbjörnsson - @h

Co-founder of, PEAR extraordinaire, programmer, party person, viking!
The views and ideas expressed here are solely mine, not work related.

Juliette Melton - @j

Design researcher at @IDEO, tech optimist, okra enthusiast

Kevin Cheng - @k

Co-Founder of @incrediblelabs. My past: #newTwitter, Raptr, Yahoo Pipes. My book: My webcomic: My everything: @c

L. That is all. - @L

Go Away. Please. I want to be alone

Mark Douglass - @m

Sorry if I don't reply to @mentions - they are 99.9% incorrect and I've basically stopped checking them.
PS: Not interested in selling @m or @md - sorry!

Naoki Hiroshima - @N

Creator of @Cocoyon, Developer for @Echofon, Father of two, Harley and Chopin Lover, Hiraganist. - @o

Shortlinks that make you say O! etc. Support: @short_link #shortlink Q:

paolo i. - @p

things never happened in this order. maybe they never happened at all. the old man told me: 'this planet is like a cougar'

Ariel Raunstien - @Q

Potential Organ Donor Extraordinaire

Rex Hammock - @R

Founder/CEO of media/content-marketing firm Hammock (, wiki-wrangler of (@smallbusiness).

Sparked Ventures - @s

We develop internets. Check out @Dare or @MakeAGIF

Tantek Çelik - @t

barcamp bike climb code create css design evolve hack html5 listen microformats mozilla open optimist pescatarian scientist skeptic standards teach think ux web


u - @u

u - @u

v - @v

v - @v
Walter - @w

exec producer of my life. You are my cast.

gene x - @x

photographer and friend of lemurs - co-founder of Orange Photography, bike rider, slackliner

Zach Brock - @z

Engineering Manager @Square.
I'm mostly made of water.