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Ultracab Wires

We are well recognized name in electrical industry offering assorted range of wires and cable solutions in India and worldwide.

Why XLPE Power Cables are Reliable Only If They Belong to The Premium Quality

XLPE power cables are needless to say the most superior quality cables that comprise of excellent grade materials and high quality copper which make them extremely flexible and highly resistant to any brusque environmental conditions.

How to Manage Chaos of Control Cables Outside your PC

A cable cord tangles rapidly take on a life of its own and make chaos when left as it is. If you don’t like that mess and want to manage your cables, you can bring commercial cord management systems ranging from appealing desktop cable weights to matching...

Are You Sure Elevator Cables are Safe and Never Broke?

Ever seen an action movie in which a hero gets in an elevator, but the villain of the story cuts the elevator cables? But that's a reel part. Does it happen in real as well? Fortunately not! Elevators have multiple safety features and this kind of stuff never happens.

Something More About USB Extension Cables

Now that the technology has advanced to a higher level and almost everyone uses a laptop or a PC and smartphone, USB extension cables is not an aliem term. Still, here is the full form of USB - Universal Serial Bus.

Welding and DLO Industrial Power Cables with Maximum PVC Insulation

Welding cable is usually classified as a type of industrial power cable. It's much more flexible than THHN wire or any type of electrical wire. There are two types of flexible welding that I'll tell you about and a few other types of single conductor flexible cables that are very similar.

Why Power Cable Manufacturers Think Testing of Cables Can Help in Finding Faults?

Power cable manufacturers test their cables and wires prior releasing them to the market. However, for longer life, they suggest users to perform routine tests to determine faults and fix them on time.

XLPE Power Cables with Endless Advantages and Benefits

The XLPE power cables have excellent electrical, thermal and mechanical properties that are suitable to operate even at low medium voltage. These types of wires are chemical resistant and able to withstand even with harsh environmental conditions.

How XLPE Power Cables Get Their Structural Design?

In this post, XLPE power cables exporters and manufactures will explain the structural design and benefits of their products in detail. You can read this post and find out more info on power cables.

Everything About Control Cables In India And How They Are Different From Power Cables

Control cables in India play a vital role in the electronics industry. These are the utmost essential components for process automation. Known for their exclusivity, flexibility and durability, the utility of control cables in India specially lines up at almost a spectrum of electronic items.

Multicore cables Uses and applications

Multicore cables are common for both commercial and residential use. They are generally required for data transmission in presence of light. They are either exposed to infrared or diodes light. They can be installed for industries for heavy applications like telecommunication sector or networking industry etc.

Welding And DLO Industrial Power Cables With Maximum PVC Insulation

Another popular invention by Power Cable manufacturers and exporters is DLO cables i.e. Diesel locomotive cables with added insulation or thickness to give extra protection to equipments. They are not as much flexible as DLO cables but much bigger and more powerful in nature.

Power cable manufacturers guide to troubleshoot power supply issues

It becomes a challenging job to diagnose power supply issues if you don’t know what to do. Power cable manufacturers bring some suggestions that will help you in quickly spotting the faulty supply and replacing it. Read further and know how it is done.

Is There Any Benefit of Using Underground Electric Power cables?

Underground electric power cables create less visual and environmental impact that generates large opposition from local communities. There are several benefits of underground cables that we will discuss in this article.

How do the Elevator cables perform?

The Elector Cables are to be appreciated here for doing the job right and having us all reach heights or lows in just a matter of seconds. Elevator cables play an important role in the functioning of the elevators which are more versatile and efficient as compared to the hydraulic ones.

Rare Report - Is it Possible to Cure Arthritis with Electricity?

Latest technology is carving new niche in medical industry where scientists use small electric-shock generating device to activate a nerve that is responsible for controlling the immune system. Power cable manufacturers are excited about this news because this is something uncommon and rare thing ever heard by them.

XLPE Submarine Power Cable Manufacturers Sharing Repair and Maintenance Tips

XLPE Power Cable Manufacturers are making proper guidelines for users to maintain their XLPE submarine cables to secure communication traffic through submarine cable networks. XLPE range of power cables is stronger and durable.

Some Safe Work Practice Tips Shared by Power Cable Manufacturers

At the unit of power cable manufacturers, there are certain responsibilities shared by people to perform safe work practice with dedication. There is a manager health, safety and environment that is responsible for maintenance and ownership of this standard.

How to Select Wires for Solar Panels Solar Cables Manufacturers will Explain

The size and the use of solar cable are critical and any negligence can result in worse situation. Solar Cables Manufacturers will make you to go through every little detail.

Why You Need To Watch Prices of Raw Materials while Sourcing Usb Extension Cable India

The ups and downs in the prices of raw materials are among the greatest threats of manufacturing sector. For instance, if the cost of PVC rises, USB Extension Cable India will become expensive product for consumers automatically.

PVC Cable Manufacturers Sharing all Significant Technical Aspects of Their Products

In this article, PVC Cables Manufacturers will share all technical aspects of pvc cables i.e. their manufacturing process and major advantages in brief. Let’s read them.

Solar cable Manufacturers Bring Tips For Making Right Connections For Best System Performance

There are many other points to remember. You can browse the tips shared by Solar Cables Manufacturers online. For this post, you can share your reviews with our readers. You can also send queries related to solar cables and other wires and cables.

Power Cable Manufacturers Bring Useful Tips for Tidy Computer Desk

Nothing annoys more than the cluttering of the power cables. In this article, power cables manufacturers bring useful tips to make your computer desk tidy and clutter free.

Organize The Electric Power Cables Mess in Your Car is Possible

As your car might not have the Electric Power Cables mess like your desktop space, it has lately become a hub for multiple technologies than it is intended to handle.

Get the Best USB Extension Cables That Won’t Damage Your Devices

The makers of USB extension cables bring the latest USB type C connector that fit to laptops and smartphones, and several other devices. However, there are many USB C cables poorly designed by manufacturers and such cables could potentially damage your hardware.

Power Cable Manufacturers Say No to Misuse the Electricity and Cables

Power cable manufacturers want that people should make judicial use of electricity and power cables. You can conserve energy by taking actions such as weatherstripping/insulating your home and buying high efficient appliances.