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Naked Marketing Resource List


Naked Marketing Insiders: Marketing Case Studies

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How to Attract Customers – The Ultimate Guide
Do you need more customers? Are you wasting a lot of time with tire kickers who seemed interested but never buy? This Customer Attraction resource is THE definitive guide to help you identify and attract the RIGHT customers who will
Why Nobody Likes You

Blog post at Write Speak Sell : It’s frustrating when you work so hard to write interesting blogs and updates to your social media sites and no one responds by “likingâ[..]

One Bullet Mentality: Hit Your Fluency Target like a Sniper

“Often he who does too much does too little.”

Customer Insight Mapping

Customer Insight Mapping: How to build deep understanding of your potential clients to improve your marketing. Free video tutorial.

Turn Your Creativity Into Cash

Three steps to turn your art into a business.

Winning Marketing Strategies

It’s good to Get Naked; but you need to get Emotional too! Great sales … repeat orders … serious return on investment. All these should be yours!  After all, you’ve got a great product or ...

Make your Content Sexier with a Video Marketing Strategy!

This post has been inspired by Danny Iny’s Naked Marketing Manifesto! Published May 26th 2012 by V. Leroyer There is only two of us, face to face Staring

Do You Know Your Product's Risk-Reward Ratio?

Blog post at : We've all been there.

We stare at the sales page. We read every bullet. Analyze each component. Each bonus. Each benefit. Each testimonia[..]

How to Get Naked in Front of the World

In 2012 Social Media has become the avenue of choice for companies to engage and maintain sustainable interaction because social. With Social Media Marketing you’re naked in front of the World because you share content with your own audience which in turn empower them to share it with their own audience of followers or friends.

Naked Marketing: How to Get Confident In Your Birthday Suit

Through Danny Iny's "Naked Marketing Manifesto" we learned the importance of getting naked. But getting naked can be scary. What if people don't like what they see? Luckily, there are some things we can do to reduce the risk of rejection so that we can prance around in our birthday suits i...

Why I'm Getting Naked For You (And No One Else)

Don't worry - the headline of this post is not to be taken literally. But it's not just fluff either. After all, when have I ever been in the business of

Marketing 101 for Freelance Writers #20: Are You Missing This Key Ingredient?

Is your marketing getting you nowhere? There may be a critical element missing from your marketing, whatever type you try. Here's what it is...

The Power of “WHY” – How To Achieve Greatness, Even Without a “Competitive Advantage”

The Power of “WHY” - How To Achieve Greatness, Even Without a “Competitive Advantage”

The Mindset of the Naked Marketer

I was so impressed with Danny Iny’s Naked Marketer Manifesto that I thought I’d make this video to help you develop the mindset required to actualy become The Naked Marketer. Enjoy it. Then do it!

Vanilla Or Kinky – A Look At Joint Ventures

They’re some of the things you can do when you branch out from what most small businesses think of marketing, and think bigger.

Dare to see yourself naked!

How do you (honestly) feel about marketing? Love it? Hate it? Undecided? Let’s discuss it awhile and stay open minded for the duration of this writing. Please.

The Ethical Marketer’s Guide to Naked Apologies

Before I get into the meat of the post, there is a great marketing manifesto written by Danny Iny of Firepole marketing, it is all about being naked. By that, It mean baring your all, showing the good and the bad, not worrying about your flaws, and being rewarded for being authentic.

D&D GMs: How to Solve Problem Players Once And For All – Without Messy Confrontations

One of the most frequent help requests I get is from GMs frustrated with problem players. If there is conflict in your group, your games will suck. And that's a

How To Strip People Naked

This article is about stripping people naked in an emotional and mental sense, as inspired by Danny Iny.

This City Slicker just shot my old Billy-Goat

The importance of how to target your ideal customer was a point highlighted in the Naked Marketing Manifesto.  This targeting can be vague at times, so allow me to illustrate with a story. Many, m...