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Updated by The Packaging Expert on Jan 12, 2017
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Make an Impact with Your Product Packaging

Every year, a lot of new products fail. In many cases, the reason for this is that the product package doesn’t effectively communicate what the product is, what the brand stands for and why they should choose that particular product over others on the market. Here are some useful tips to follow and make sure your product packaging design makes an impact:


Even cheap packaging can be made to look more personalised and desirable

Even cheap packaging can be made to look more personalised and desirable

There is nothing that says good packaging has to be expensive, providing it catches the eye and serves its purpose in protecting the product within. Sometimes, something as simple as stylish typography can make an inexpensive packaging material look much more stylish or high-end. Well-designed product packaging is a great way to save expenses and increase profits.


Keep it practical

Keep it practical

Whilst product packaging should be eye catching and have plenty of shelf appeal, it has to be practical enough to use, carry and store. If packaging won’t fit on a shelf, or won’t stack or stand properly, this could be enough to put customers off.


Add to the product experience

The aim for product packaging should be to make unboxing a part of the purchaser’s experience. If the packaging reflects the product inside, opening it is likely to be much more enjoyable to open. If you have chosen an eco-friendly packaging material, it is worth considering presenting the user with packaging that is not only suitable for recycling, but that they can use again, whether for storage, or another purpose all together.


Consider keeping it green

As people are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of certain packaging materials, you may wish to consider choosing eco-friendly materials. People throughout the world make purchase decisions partly based on whether the brand makes a positive social and environmental impact by choosing recyclable or re-usable packaging. Eco-friendly packaging could be the difference between someone choosing your product or a competitor’s product.


Know your audience

Before you start putting designs together, you need to work out the demographic that you will be targeting your product to. Once you know this, you can start to work out which designs will appeal most to your audience. As well as choosing the right colours to appeal to a certain demographic, it’s important to also think about materials that will be the best fit for your product and the people that you are hoping to sell to. For example, certain audiences may prefer glossy card, whereas some audiences may be more drawn to a more rustic or traditional look.