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10 Ways to Make Money Online

I have been investing and making money on the internet for 12 years now. There are some really great programs out there where you can make side income and possibly full time income. Of course, there is no guarantees, but these are the best of the best programs currently out there. There are a few opportunities listed that are brand new, currently in pre-launch or just launched that will compete with Facebook and if you get in early, you could make a lot of money!



FutureAdPro is a a subsidiary of FutureNet so if you sign up for FutureAdPro, you are also automatically a member of FutureNet, and vice versa. This Revenue Advertising Share Program just launched on April 8th so now is a great time to get in and build your ad packs and grow your wealth! This is a very new revenue share program, but I believe it will be here for the long term just like Traffic Monsoon, but it pays 20% vs. only 10% that Traffic Monsoon pays.


Traffic Monsoon is the most stable Revenue Advertising Program out there! It has been around since 2014 and is still growing strong! They are currently working on opening their own bank with their own credit card to have complete control over transactions and costs. If you know anything about Revenue Ad Share sites, then you know recently all of them had problems with Paypal. Creating your own credit card and cutting out Paypal ensure a long term vision for this company.

I have been a part of this company for over a year and have made very good money on this site! Long term, trusted...what more are you looking for?


So what is MyTrafficvalue (MTV for short) you ask? I've been a part of this program since the beginning, 2012! And its still around and paying! The concept is its a crowdfunded investment program, you invest money (or buy stock) and they create revenue generating digital products (apps, games, websites, bitcoin faucet, exchangers, monitors, etc.)

There are 2 ways to earn on MyTrafficValue, buy Royalty positions (private stock) which you can collect weekly dividends or you can sell for a profit later. The stock price is REALLY low right now and the company is solid with consistent growth so the stock price will continue to rise as products are added. Or you can invest in the 115% plan or the 130% plan.

Welcome to StartPeeps

StartPeeps is kind of like a Facebook/Twitter combo, but there are some major differences which can make you money! Unlike Facebook or Twitter, they pay the users a share of the advertising revenue.

Its free to sign up, but you get paid to refer/promote, like, share, post, etc. Here is the genius behind the project (follow me if you can.) 1)Just like Bitcoin, StartPeeps has created its own cryptocurrency, ADZ. This is actually genius and will make it able for the company to last long term. 2)StartPeeps has just launched a Chrome Browser extension which saves you money on online shopping by showing you the current promotional codes on each website you are on. So it is a win/win, you save money when online shopping and StartPeeps gets an affiliate commision. The revenue generated from this browser is then shared with the users that have the browser installed.

I know this is a little confusing, but this should be around for the long term and has real potential to compete with Facebook especially once the websites is developed and improved more. Its more of a grass roots movement where 1,000's of developers help create the platform so it can be modified however the general public desires (instead of some large corporation making the calls). If you want to know more...just email me @ or better yet, join StartPeeps and hit me up on instant message.


FutureNet is also another Facebook competitor, but its a little further in development and has already seen great success in the short term. I believe this could possibly take over Facebook (at least in the Business side of things) because it is much more Business/Entrepreneurial minded. You get paid to like, login, post, download, and share. I'm new to this site, but am very impressed and believe this has a HUGE potential for lifetime earnings! This is still a very new and upcoming movement so please get in NOW! Join for free and learn more about the company, you will not be disappointed. If you have any questions, email me @ or join FutureNet and hit me up on the instant messenger. Its really a great site.


MyPayingAds is a Revenue Advertising Share program which I have been a part of for almost a year now. I have made great money with this company. This is the second most reliable Revenue Advertising Share program out there, right behind Traffic Monsoon.


This is a relatively new site, I've been with them for 6 months and they are starting to TAKE OFF! Sign up for free and see what its all about. The best part about this site, is that they help you build your downline. When you upgrade, you get a certain amount of referrals free to help boost your income. I believe there are now over 200,000 members, AND GROWING!

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Clickintensity is the first of its kind. Its a hybrid, the first of its kind. You join for free and can simply earn for clicking ads, sharing social posts, watching videos, or completing simple online tasks, but there is also a forced matrix where you earn from your downline. You don't necessarily have to promote, but if you do, you can potentially earn more money. It is currently in pre-launch so if you lock in your free spot now, you should get spillover since its a forced matrix, so I would lock in your position now. What do you have to lose, its free! I signed up and already have someone under me from!


Paidverts is a subsidiary of MyTrafficValue. It was created by MyTrafficValue in 2014 and I've made a lot of money with this site. It is the only paid to click site that pays you decent money...the payouts have been a little low lately, but they are revamping it and you should see some higher valued ads coming shortly. When I was at the top of the list year ago, I was clicking on ads worth $100.00! Most PTC sites only have ads that are worth .001, .01, or maybe .02...not worth your time. The site will be around for the long term...MyTrafficValue has been around since 2011 and is still paying timely and growing with a consistent portfolio. I love this site because I get paid to click on ads and I get to advertise other programs that I'm promoting! Can you say win/win! Join will love it too!

CryptoCoinTraffic - Learn, Earn And Get More Traffic

We are an advertisement platform selling high quality targeted traffic products for your website or to promote your affiliate links or other businesses. On top of that we share the revenue of CryptoCoinTraffic with our members as we have integrated a revenue sharing program for every member that buys ad packs on our site. Furthermore we have the goal to educate members of CryptoCoinTraffic in digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Adzcoin etc. as we strongly believe in these.

Here is another new Revenue Advertising Program, it is run by a two trusted admins so if you are wanting to learn more about crytpo currency and make some money, this might be worth taking a look into.