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Vydya Health

Vydya Health - The global healthcare platform for conventional, complementary and alternative providers. For more information visit - .


Ladies Night Of Indulgence

This is an exclusive invitation to experience an indulgent evening of pampering...
Join us for a spectacular masquerade themed night of VIP treatment in a first class environment!

Nature Source Care

Integrating both traditional (nutritional counseling, herbal medicine, homeopathy) and modern therapies (pharmaceuticals, radiological imaging, minor surgery), Dr. Funda M. Gulmen is a licensed naturopathic physician who offers natural medicine for the whole family - children, seniors, men and women - through her private practice in Stratford, CT.

Additional services include: - yoga/meditation instruction - Ayurveda - stress management - mind-body medicine - therapeutic movement - lifestyle counseling - cleansing programs - food allergy/lab testing - supplement reviews - annual physical exams - Reiki - integrative medicine seminars/publications.

in-network provider for major health insurance plans for Chiropractors helps Chiropractors to spend more time with customers, see how Jenny could do it.

Learn The Art of Living A Healthy Life The Natural Way At Arogyadham!! - Vydya

Vydya connects persons with chronic disorders including back pain to best therapy and practitioners to find relief or manage pain. - Health & Wellness Marketplace

It’s never too early or too late to start living a healthy lifestyle that will provide a disease free life, energy and a clear, glowing skin and longevity. For those that are experiencing weight gain, insomnia, digestive issues, acne or rashes or degenerative issues, together we can discover what is causing these issues in order to clear up the imbalances causing these symptoms.
We offer an affordable, holistic opproach to health. Come visit us in our relaxing, spa-like wellness studio. - Health & Wellness Marketplace

What you will take back from this Course

Deep Knowledge backed by thorough practices of the various elements and concepts of Yoga, including Asanas, Pranayama, meditation, relaxation and cleansing techniques.
A strong foundation to motivate you to go into deeper learning OR to share your learnings in a teaching environment
An internationally valid certification which allows you to teach worldwide and registry as RYT200 with Yoga Alliance too.
A feeling of being in control of your life
About the program

Our 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Trainings help you gain a thorough understanding and practice of ALL the elements of Yoga, as encompassed in the Hatha Yoga Pradapika.

Get real yogic knowledge from the Yoga University !!

If you are really interested in the spirituality, you can get through the profile of Agama. They are a real spiritual university. It is ready to give all the believers a perfect health consciousness with thorough course and workshop plans. The team conducts campuses in different parts of the world. There are several plans and… - Health & Wellness Marketplace

Award winning herbal detox and weight loss programs using organic wildcrafted herbal formulas created by a Master Herbalist to cleanse and rebuild the whole body. - Health & Wellness Marketplace

Naturopathy Provider.. - Health & Wellness Marketplace

Essential Retreat Organizer is a specialized event planner and organizer in wellness experiences, both for individuals and groups, that would like enjoy a retreat in the island of Bali and other destinations in South East Asia & Europe.
We propose some programs and itineraries, but you can also add elements and tailor your stay and retreat in Bali according to your needs and budget. We will help you to create your own personal escape.
We have helped already many group leaders and visitors to maximize their retreat programs: yoga, meditation, detox, healthy lifestyle, spirituality, coaching, sufi, dance, wellness oriented corporate convention or event, etc.
Whatever is your preferred topic, we will do our best to get the ideal location and services to create a unique event. For group leaders that want to concentrate on their retreat and their participants, we can take care of the details and help to make it easy. We have the experience and the associates to make your vacation smooth and easy.
We have visited many venues ideal for this type of wellness experience, have a big network of therapists, trainers, speakers and unique activities and excursions that can complete your program and stay in Bali and other destinations. - Health & Wellness Marketplace

This retreat will give you a personal guided space to stop and listen to one-self that allows you to bring attention to your body, mind, emotions, and the whole being. ATB harmonizes and shows you a way to let go of old habits, tensions and contractions. The sessions makes you connect with yourself and learn to be in the witness attitude. It requires (and develops) a capacity of attention. You will experience a profound state of relaxation and ease at all levels. You can also choose to participate with a friend or partner together, learning to give and receive, to listen and to tune into the other, opening a space for a respectful and unconditional listening.

Lose Weight & Detox Program In Canggu Or Ubud – Bali 3, 5, 7 Or 10 Days Nights Package!!

Lose Weight & Detox Program in Canggu or Ubud – BALI ISLAND, Indonesia
3, 5, 7 or 10 days nights Package
This life-changing program is focused not only on a physical weight loss, but more importantly, on a healthy and sustainable new approach to a weight and detox program.
Our certified nutritionist has developed and prepared all recipes following the best standards in the industry. Our healer will provide you the adequate psychological guidance and our personal trainers the right approach for YOU. By the end of the day, this is about how YOU will go through this process and also bring change into your life in a sustainable way.
The privacy and design of the rooms at Plataran Canggu, are perfect to enjoy your retreat time with all comfort and luxury facilities.
Each villa has its own pool, if you would like to spend some time of solitude and reflection, or with your friends or partner relaxing on your own space. There are also two more common bigger pools in the property if you prefer complement your retreat with some laps in the pool. The fitness center is also perfect to make some cardio exercises.
Every weight loss program depends heavily on how your current body is in terms of metabolism, fitness activity, emotional stability and attitude towards weight issues. As important is YOUR own commitment to following all our suggestions and inclusions during this program. This will be as much of an effort from our team of experts in adapting to your needs, but also on your focus and commitment to achieving the best results.
If you are experienced with detoxes and you have a balanced diet already, we will then recommend you our most effective detox method - the cold Pressed Juicing Detox where all your solid intake of food will be replaced by carefully prepared juices and you will feel light, full or energy and will look amazing.
We are here to support you and we can evaluate the level of support we feel you will need after you return to your routine and arrange skype sessions to provide you more advice and even more emotional and healing support if needed. All details will be discussed during your stay and prior to your departure. We have a professional nutritionist in our team that can help you with any long term changes.
For the weight loss and detox meal plan our concept is to introduce food habits based on fresh, local and organic products. All prepared daily in our kitchen and by a NYC trained nutritionist, we have created a selection of programs that are effective in detoxifying our bodies from all the processed food, smoke and unhealthy habits we have.
Our concept is also a non-suffering approach to diets. It is so simple to just introduce a balanced meal and yet we find it so hard sometimes in our busy lives. So we will do just that for you. During the program, you will receive a cooking class and lectures to be able to include some easy healthy habits on your daily routine once you are back home.
Before a special day or just because you need to take a break and reset, we will prepare a combination of the best organic cold pressed juices, fat burning elixirs, fresh salads and healthy snacks so that your nutrition is complete and light. You will also enjoy some spa treatments and massage to fully relax and pamper during your stay.
Daily Yoga and meditation exercises will complete your program to help you find some body & mind balance. Some off site activities will also show you the beauty of Bali and experience the contact with Nature.

Shekhar Annambhotla’s Ayurveda Wellness Center – A big name in Ayurveda treatment and healing!!

Shekhar Annambhotla is a big name in Ayurveda, by now. He started his career since 1988. At the very young age of 17. He has undergone an eight year course on Ayurveda from Nagarjuna University of Andhra Pradesh, in India. He later went through the PHD course from Gujarat Ayurved University. He underwent a crash…

Natural Wellness 360 Ayurvedic And Tibetan Healing!!

Natural Wellness 360 is a holistic wellness clinic located in Vienna, Virginia offering complementary and preventive care through traditional Ayurvedic and Tibetan medicine and lifestyle management.
At Natural Wellness 360 we utilize a holistic approach to recovery combining education, lifestyle and diet management, therapeutic herbal massages, customized medical yoga, meditation and pranayama, cleansing and rejuvenation treatments, and herbal supplements for your individual needs. Working together we empower you to take charge of your own wellbeing.

Our approach to healing is one of partnership .Our experienced staff of professionals will work together to create an individualized health plan for you.

The expertise of a Tibetan Amchi (doctor), Ayurvedic Vaidya (doctor), Therapeutic Yoga specialist who also trained as a Naturopath in India, and Ayurvedic and Tibetan Massage Therapists, together under one roof.
Our Services:

  • Health Consultations
  • Ayurvedic and Tibetan Therapies
  • Therapeutic Massage Services
  • Panchakarma
  • Medical Yoga
Jindal Nature Cure Institute – Helping Patients Learn a New Way of Living !!

An increasing number of people around the globe are awakening to the fact that despite being a slow process, natural care is more effective in curing the root cause of a disease.  The treatment, which takes a relatively longer time to show the first signs of improvement, often tests the patience and faith of the… - Health & Wellness Marketplace

The PruittCares Foundation was established in 1998 through the generosity of many donors. Over the years, the Foundation has supported end-of-life programs for the general public and health care providers throughout Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.
The Foundation is an independent, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that relies on donations and grants to fulfil its mission.
The Foundation can Help through:

  • Hospice Information
  • Final Choices
  • Grief Scholarships Pruitt Cares/Hardship Relief
  • Pruitt Cares
  • Partner Application
  • Non Employee Application Additional information can be found PruittCares Foundation website. - Health & Wellness Marketplace

Welcome To Your Alternative Health Approach
Health By The Bay is an integrative alternative health practice for people who struggled to achieve their health outcomes and are ready to achieve their health goals.
Why work with us?
We created Health By The Bay because we want people consider that wellness is a viable option and to make the choice of continuous improvement in a sustainable manner.
Our goal is to enable people to take control of their health, to deal with the cause of the problem and build you core health.
Our Services:

  • Weight Loss
  • Stress Management
  • Chronic Health Management
  • Health Coaching / Mentoring
  • Personal Health Assessment
  • Homeopathy Call us now!
Crane (Crow) Pose - Bakasana - Yoga Pose

Learn how to come into Bakasana, Crow Pose. - Health & Wellness Marketplace

Ashtanga Yoga Center is a space dedicated to the practice of Ashtanga Yoga taught in the tradition of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois of the Krishnamacharya lineage. For detailed information about the practice, please visit Pattabhi Jois’s official website at
The practice consists of a sequence of postures that integrates breath, posture, and gaze and is taught at various levels, based on the needs and abilities of the student.

Yoga Poses for Better Digestion | Feel-Better Yoga Sequence

Got gut discomfort? This sequence not only relieves a wide range of symptoms but also restores energy.

Mandala Studio Yoga & Spa!!

Mandala Studio, a Yoga & spa retreat in the heart ofThamel, kathmandu, since1996.
Our professonally trained staff for spa services and world class yoga facilities will guarantee you a devine experience of sheer joy and relaxation. - Health & Wellness Marketplace

The Empower Yourself Project is a Online & Onsite Holistic Healing Center.
Our physical space is located at Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica. A calm, serene space where there's always a smile, motivation and a solution for everything in life!
I also offer Online Sessions, so that people that live in remote places or is searching for what I specifically offer can easily have access to healing.
The Empower Yourself Project's mission, my mission, is to help others find Peace, Guidance and Healing in themselves and lives, so to live a life full of bliss, wonder and miracles.
Only by understanding oneself true nature and truly accept it, will it be possible to long-lastingly heal. Discovering who you truly are, finding your inner-teacher and guide, connecting to yourself in all aspects of being - Body, Mind, Heart and Soul - clearing your mind so to understand more clearly you life patterns, challenges and strengths so to achieve the life that you truly want, is what means to work with this Project.
Finding the liberating truth about yourself, Loving and Accepting yourself entirely as you ARE, finding inner-peace, creating serenity in your life. Achiving Healing, Joy, Contentment, Fulfilment, Happiness...
Using your body as a compass and guidance tool, understanding how your mind works and how to control it's less positive features, learning to soften and balance your emotions, conecting to the most trancendental part of yourself and being.
Simplifying everything, demystifying damaging myths, breaking useless patterns, and finding the bliss of just being yourself and expresing your truth as it is.
Healing Movement Yoga, Reiki and Energy Healing, Tarot for Self-Awareness and Holistic Tarot Readings, Holistic Guidance Consultations and Holistic Counseling, Anti-Stress Sessions, Meditation.
Therapies can be taken individually or combined for quicker and more intense results.
To read reviews of my work, click here!
To connect to our facebook page, click here!
To know more visit our website here!

Unique Personalized Wellness Program Energy Healing For More Possibility Only For You!!

Rhythmic Healing Art Studio​ ​
Introduce you & Invite you "Living Rhythmic Life"​
​ Healing is not just for ill people. Healthy people also derive great benefits from it, they become calmer and report higher levels of energy, as well as better sleep. Rhythmic Therapy can effectively dissolve physical, mental, and emotional blockages and overcome daily stress, fear, and depression. With regular treatments most people experience an increase in zest for life and an increase in creativity.

SNEHA Shanti Singh is the Founder & CEO of Rhythmic Healing Art Studio for holistic Therapy, a Company that provides services & workshop on personal & professional healing, growth through alternative healing methods such as Rhythmic wellness Coaching, Rhythmic Mediation Process, Chakra Healing & Balancing energy center, Emotional Freedom Technique, Access Bars, Access Body process, Tibetan signing bowl Sound Healing.

SNEHA Shanti Singh is a Life skill Coach,wellness & Clarity Coach.

She has designed specific programs and sessions for youth, Business Entrepreneur, Professionals, Corporate, Housewife, and next age Creative thinkers to heal and channelize their energies towards growth and prosperity by applying ancient wisdom, latest healing modalities, easy to adopt methods and being true to what is possible for an individual.

she has been helping people discover and develop unique inner potential for healing body, mind, heart and soul. SNEHA passion is to make the world a better place by assisting individuals Be Leader & LEAD their own destinies, whether that means fostering relationships with their families, directing their focus to achieve their goals or relieving emotional or financial distress. Through the years she has persevered in giving her energy and resources to those in need.
Go beyond & infinite, Remember you have ability to offer greater things to others beyond your imagination...

Effective ayurvedic remedy for conjunctivitis

Soothe your eye with this natural eye wash! - Effective ayurvedic remedy for conjunctivitis