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DFS Floorworks

DFS Floorworks was established in 1991 and for the first few years, was trading out of a showroom in Oakleigh, Victoria. We cover all aspects of floor covering, focusing mainly on the supply and installation of carpet and vinyl, in both domestic and commercial settings. For more info contact us on here 03 9761 6599.


Quality Carpet & Flooring Solutions

DFS Floorworks is a quality carpet & flooring solutions in Melbourne. At DFS Floorworks, we provide you with a great range of carpets which not only looks great but also easy to manage and clean. Our stream lined way of working as well as undeviating efforts of our employees has made us reach the apex of success.

DFS Floorworks offers various types of Vinyls. Our mainly focus is on the supply and installation of vinyl, in both domestic and commercial market. We offer Vinyls in many styles & colours to add beauty to your floor.

Quality Carpet Solutions – Melbourne

If you’re looking for the best carpet installation then DFS Floorworks is best choice for you. As one the most reputable flooring outfitters, we have an extensive range of carpet, vinyl and timber flooring to choose from. We have a strong focus on the satisfaction of our customers. We have a huge variety of commercial carpets for your home.

Laminate Flooring Melbourne

If you need some of the best laminate flooring Melbourne has to offer, DFS Floorworks is one of the best option for you. With our range of laminate flooring, Malvern and surrounding Melbourne locals will be sure to find the perfect flooring solution for their home. At DFS Floorworks, we aim to keep our clients in the loop with a streamlined working method that provides friendly customer service, swift installations and a comprehensive flooring package.

Points to consider while selecting best carpet stores is quality, variety, price and warranty. Many carpet stores also offer carpet cleaning services so it would be better if you will choose one such company. If you want best carpet stores then contact us at DFS Floorworks.

If you’re looking for the best timber flooring Melbourne has to offer, DFS Floorworks has you well and truly covered. Our variety of timber flooring is unbeatable! With so many to choose from, we’ll help you find the perfect fit for your home.

Benefits of Installing Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is very easy to install. Laminate flooring gives you a wide variety of options right from pine, maple, cherry, oak and glossy finish. Once you have installed this type of flooring, you can live worry-free for about next many years. DFS Floorworks offers best laminate flooring.

Reasons to Choose Versatile Vinyl Flooring for Your Home

Vinyl is so versatile and Present day vinyl formulations are durable and they are available in various types. It is also easy to install, clean and maintain. If you want the flooring to be done faster and cheaper the best option is Vinyl Flooring. Get best quality Vinyl Flooring & Tiles at DFS Floorworks.

Decorate your Home with Vinyl Flooring

One of the major reasons for which people have started choosing vinyl flooring is the beauty that it lends to the floors without costing you much. Vinyl floors are not only attractive but durable as well. DFS Floorworks offers variety of Vinyl floors at affordable cost.

Advantages of Installing Laminate Flooring

In today’s world, more and more people have laminate floors for their homes. These floors give the desired shine and polish to your floors, and you can easily clean and maintain the laminate floors. These floors are versatile and available in reasonable price. For best quality laminate flooring call DFS Floorworks at 0416 142 672.

Guidelines on Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring is available in Wide range of colors and styles. We can easily clean vinyl flooring. The cushioned vinyl flooring will provide you higher level of comfort for your feet when standing and walking. DFS Floorworks offers best quality Vinyl floors.

Buy Perfect Carpet for Your Home from a Carpet Store

There will be several carpet styles available in the carpet stores and so you can select the one that is best suited for your home. The styles that you choose needs to match well with your interiors if you want to get great looks for your home.

How To Maintain And Restore Laminate Floors

For keeping your laminate flooring look wonderful, you need to follow some steps to avoid them from being stained. Well, First of all, you will have to start by eliminating the dust and dirt from your laminate flooring. You should place a mat or rug at your doorstep.

A Different Look with a lot of Benefits: Vinyl Flooring

If you are planning to change the house flooring, it would be a great idea to consider getting vinyl flooring as it has various benefits along with giving a beautiful curb appeal. Read on to know more about it's benefits.

Everything that you need to Know About Laminate Flooring Installation

Tips for Laminate Flooring Installation is Pulling Up the Carpet and Removing the Baseboard. The frames of the door should be undercut while installing the laminate flooring.

Choose the Right Carpet for your Home

There are a lot of options you can get when you are looking for a carpet. The cut pile is the most popular type of carpet. Another popular type of carpet is the loop pile carpet.

Give Your Home a Classic Look using Laminate Flooring

laminate flooring is available in a range of colors and not just in shades of brown. You can create some beautiful effects in your room with slight adjustments.

Decorate Your Home with Some Designer Carpet

When it comes to choosing unique decor ideas for your homes, carpet is one of those items that lend a completely different look. It is very difficult to maintain the carpet, and most of these products are hugely affected by water and dust particles.

Reason to Choose Professionals For Carpet Installation

The first and perhaps one of the obvious reasons of having professionals for the task is, they can complete project at a much faster pace and that too in an effective manner.

Motive of Flooring Accessories

The main goal of acoustic noise reduction flooring in a building is to reduce the sound and affect its transmission between the floors and the rooms. It is important to soundproof a house for a quieter environment as it takes care of the convenience of the residents.

The first and foremost advantage of laminate flooring is versatility. It is produced with a variety of natural stones. Moving on to the cleaning point of view, it prevents any form of spills or stains and makes maintenance along with cleaning easy.

Why you should go with laminate flooring?

Different textures and styles of flooring, Affordable pricing, Simple installation, Durability and flexibility all these points make laminate flooring a good flooring option.

Do’s of Timber Flooring

Protect the doorways first. Always place mats or any kind of throw rugs at the doorways to keep the dust and dirt outside the door which can come along with the shows.

How To Select The Best Carpet Stores

There are lots of carpet outlets that will suggest to you the best type of carpet flooring to fit your budget. Local Dealer this is the best place to buy your favorite carpet. The Wholesalers or Brokers is also one of the best place to buy the carpet.

Things to Consider While Buying Wholesale Carpets

You can get the best deals on carpet sales. Carpet wholesale markets enable you to buy the best product for a wide range of designs and patterns available in different qualities, and that fits your budget as well.

  • DFS Floorworks was established in 1991 and for the first few years, was trading out of a showroom in Oakleigh, Victoria. We cover all aspects of floor covering, focusing mainly on the supply and installation of carpet and vinyl, in both domestic and commercial settings. For more info contact us on here 03 9761 6599.

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