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Updated by Kendra Brea Cooper on Apr 05, 2016
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Budding Artist: 10 Art Techniques to Learn Today!

Are you looking to boost your art skills? Check out these great websites that offer artistic insights. Teach yourself a new art technique everyday!

Watercolour Techniques

After sharing my thoughts on basic watercolor supplies and techniques last week, I thought it might be fun to show you some more techniques to try. There are a lot of fun ways to use watercolor and today I'm going to show you 8 of my favorite techniques that are perfect for beginners.

Colored Pencil Blending Methods

Years ago, a friend of mine gave me a set of Faber-Castell watercolour pencils. They languished in a drawer until recently when I decided to give them a go with my doodles. I wasn’t getting the nice blended look I was seeing in pencil art I admire, so I popped over to YouTube for tips and techniques.
After watching half a dozen videos, I deemed this tutorial by Dina Kowal to be the most succinct and helpful.

13 Must- Know Acrylic Painting Techniques for Beginners

Do you want to paint in acrylic but don't know where to start? Craftsy's guide to acrylic painting techniques for beginners is the perfect starting point.

Inspiration from Japan: A Mixed-Media Art Project - Cloth Paper Scissors

It can be difficult to come up with mixed-media art ideas on a daily, or even weekly, basis. To combat artist’s block and cultivate effective creative habits, one popular practice is to use the calendar as inspiration. Enter Alena Hennessy’s Intuitive Painting Workshop: Techniques, Prompts, and Inspiration for a Year of Painting. Complete with step-by-step mixed-media art lessons, the book guides you through the year with new ideas to keep your gears turning. The regular practice will help keep you primed to create. 

Agate Pattern on Canvas

Use this simple trick to get a really cool pattern that looks great in any home.

Watercolor Art: How to Paint Water and Waves

Learn how to paint seascapes in your watercolor art with these fabulous painting techniques, using four different kinds of washes.


A short video on some techniques for using fluid acrylics to create powerful abstract paintings. Please comment and share the link.

How to Paint A Beautiful Rose in 3 Minutes! - Flower Patch Farmhouse

A simple step by step lesson on how to paint a beautiful rose. A fast a simple to follow tutorial one stroke at a time.

Credit Card Art

We have a number of plastic cards floating around our house.  My kids love collecting hotel key cards and used gift cards.  I was starting to weed through their growing collection, when I remembered one of my favorite painting assignments.  It was a creative painting project where we were encouraged to use common items to explore paint.  I’m sure you know where I am going with this…creating Credit Card Art.  I love the effect that the scraping creates and the layers of colors that can be achieved.

Create this wall art without paint - use tissue paper!

Create beautiful wall art that looks like a watercolor painting by using bleeding tissue paper. A fun art project for kids and adults!