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Email Marketing

All the email marketing tips, tricks, tools and statistics you need to know for running successful campaigns.

Email Marketing Statistics For 2016 That Every Marketer Needs To Know - Exit Bee Blog

Email marketing is by far the best channel to directly reach out to your target customer (prospect) or an existing customer with a value proposition. And even if the he doesn’t open the email to read what you are offering, you can be rest assured that if your subject line was compelling enough, it would have captured his attention.

Here are some email marketing statistics that marketers need to know for running successful campaigns this year.

How To Grow Your Email List Faster Than Ever - Email Marketing

You know that email marketing delivers great results. You also know that email is the best way to build loyalty and increase repeat visits and customers. And you’re not the only one who thinks so. Email marketing was ranked as the best channel in terms of return on investment, with 68% of companies rating the channel as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’.

5 email subject line strategies that always work | Exit Bee Blog

Subject lines are the first thing that the recipients see. You really don’t want to put across the wrong message and be moved to trash right away. So here are 5 email subject line strategies that have proven to increase the email marketing campaign’s open rates.

5 Tools That Solve Most Email Marketing Challenges of 2016 - Exit Bee Blog

Email marketing being the best channel to directly communicate with existing as well as prospect customers, is still a part of many business strategies. But

8 Ways Every Marketer Should Leverage From Retargeting (And Remarketing) - Exit Bee Blog

In a world where the competition is increasing by the day, it is important for businesses to make efforts to stay in front of their customer’s eyes – no matter what. Or they’ll probably lose them to a deal that was offered by a competitor.

Retargeting (or remarketing) is a cookie based technology that enables anonymously following your audience across the web – what they’re looking for, what they’re engaging and interacting with, what problems they are searching solutions for, etc.

But how do you get the most out of retargeting campaigns?

Here are 8 ways marketers can leverage from retargeting.

8 Lead Magnet Ideas To Growth Hack Your Email List - Exit Bee Blog

Running a lead generation campaign? Here are 8 lead magnet ideas to growth hack your email list.

5 Giveaways That Will Growth Hack Your Email List - Exit Bee Blog

With emails still being important for marketing, here's looking at 5 giveaways that can help your business growth hack your email list. 

6 New Email Marketing Techniques You Need To Use This Year - Exit Bee Blog

Email is the most effective marketing technique till date. Here are 6 new email marketing techniques you need to use this year! 

Why Data Management Is Crucial For Business Success

Data management refers to the management of information for secure and structured storage and access by an organization. In this time and age where data is present in abundance, the importance of “data management” can’t be ignored.

The Anatomy Of A High Converting Popup - Exit Bee Blog

Trying to implement a popup on your website? Here's the anatomy of a high converting popup.

Are Your Exit Intent Popups Optimized For Conversions? - Exit Bee Blog

Tips to optimize your exit intent popups for higher conversions from your business website. Time to get more customers!

Why Popups Are Not Dead And Which Of Them Really Work - Exit Bee Blog

After a number of posts on how popups help business websites convert more of their visitors, here’s a statement we’d like to put out there:

What Is B2B Marketing Automation And How Is It Done

As defined by HubSpot, marketing automation refers to the software that helps to achieve the goal of automating marketing actions. Today, almost all marketing departments – irrespective of the industry they belong to – have to automate repetitive tasks such as social media, emails and other website actions.

Why storytelling is the hack for higher email conversion rates and how you can use it

Why storytelling is the hack for higher email conversion rates and how marketers need to leverage from it. If you don't have a story, no one wants you.

Why Customer Engagement Should Be The Measure Of Digital Success And How To Do It

Want to measure your digital success? Here's taking a look at why your marketers need to measure customer engagement first.

6 Type Of Blog Posts Your Audience Will Definitely Love You For

Not sure about what to post on your blog? Here are 6 types of blog posts your audience will definitely love you for.

5 Examples Of The Good And Bad Popups Business Websites Use

5 examples of good and bad popups!

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5 ways a yes/no optin form can boost website conversions

We have always been all about strategically making use of popups to convert website visitors. While every optin form is targeted to accomplish a different goal, there are also different types that you have probably come across. Some being, a single step popup, multi step popups and yes-no popups. In this post, we’re going to talk about how you can use the yes/no optin forms to convert your website traffic into customers.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider An SMS Campaign Over An Email Campaign - Exotel

One of the primary goals for businesses today is to establish a consistent and impactful channel for communication with its customers. With changing times and the growing penetration rate of mobile, the channel has become an integral part of this communication strategy. So is SMS better than email?

Five Intuitive Ways Business Text Messaging is Used

Businesses use SMS for various reasons, some of which are quite unique. Learn such intuitive ways to use business text messaging for your benefit.