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Updated by Lizzie Worton on Apr 05, 2016
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Top Reasons for Servicing Your Loading Bay

Loading bays are an important part of many companies’ operations, so there are a number of important reasons for making sure they are serviced regularly:


Loading bays are very busy

In most businesses, loading bays are in use throughout the working day and as a result, the equipment is worked hard. This means that general wear and tear is inevitable and regular servicing is vital. Damage or a complete breakdown of loading bay equipment such as dock levellers or scissor lifting platforms could be very expensive in terms of customer relations, profitability and downtime.


Most problems with loading bays are not due to equipment failure, but due to damage

Most call-outs for loading bay equipment that is not functioning properly is not due to failure, but as a result of damages. Damages are often caused by clumsy logistics drivers backing their vehicles into a loading bay, dock platform or roller shutter door. By signing up for a regular maintenance package from loading bay specialists, you can benefit from advice and improvements to help prevent future damages.


Reduce security risks

If loading bays or doors do not function properly, this can lead to security risks. For example, if a roller shutter door will only function manually and is left open throughout the working day due to the time taken to open and close it, this poses a security issue.


Reduce health and safety risks

Loading bays that are not serviced regularly can lead to higher health and safety risks. If equipment becomes dangerous, or fails whilst in use, pedestrians working around loading bays are at risk of injury. As with any machinery, loading bays should be maintained fully to ensure that they continue to be safe for daily use.


A range of servicing packages are available

All businesses are different and have different loading bay needs and budgets. Loading bay servicing packages are designed with the customer in mind, so you only need pay for the level of servicing package that your business needs. Whilst there are times when emergency call-outs are inevitable, signing up for a maintenance package can reduce the likelihood of such events, saving businesses money.


Loading bays are a key interface between business and customer

Your loading bay is essential for the smooth running of ensuring that your products and operations are loaded safely to be transported to the customer via a logistics provider. Any problems with loading bay equipment will therefore have a direct impact on customer relations and profitability – by making sure your loading bays are fully serviced and maintained, products are more likely to arrive with the customer in the expected time and in the expected condition.