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Blog | Daily Updates | AuroIN NYC

Updated blog with latest news from the sphere of SEO, SMO, PPC, CRO and numerous aspects of digital marketing services.

2016 Digital Marketing Budgets, Its Metrics & Challenges | AuroIN Blog

AuroIN USA releases 2016 digital marketing budget metrics and challenges in a comprehensive blog with insights on their popularity and effectiveness.

How Press Release Is Critical For Successful Business | AuroIN

Learn how press release is essential for successful growth of your business. Learn to compile PR, best practices, SEO and link building with press release.

Latest Trends In On-Page Optimization | AuroIN Blog

Learn how mobile technology is changing SEO techniques. How voice queries on Siri, Google Now, and Social Media brings new trends in On-Page optimization.

Content Marketing Strategies | AuroIN Blog

Read what's new in content marketing strategies for 2015. Strategically create a content hub for your business promotion, interact, monitor and improve.

What Is The Value Of .Edu & .Gov Backlinks In SEO | AuroIN Blog

How much does TLDs such as .Edu and .Gov worth to SEO in getting high-authority backlinks. More data on organic SEO campaign to generate high link juice.

How Email Marketing Is An Effective Tool For High ROI | AuroIN Blog

Email-marketing enables you to reach targeted customers faster, and interact with them directly. Find in-depth marketing tips and information in the blog.

Why Do You Need Infographics Now More Than Ever? | AuroIN

Infographics is slowly being identified as one of the most powerful tool in the arena of content marketing to optimize your business the organic way. As per a study, infographics search volume has rose over 800 percent in the last 2 years. People are opting graphical data more and the demand has surged unbelievably since the advent of Pinterest.

Blog | Detailed Steps on Latest Link Building Strategies - AuroIN

Learn detailed process and steps to launch whitehat link building strategies of 2016 for your website. Read more blogs on digital marketing and SEO.

3 Key Elements of a Sale­Magnet Business Video | AuroIN

The approach of selling a product has evolved from long narrative contents, to short lines, to pictures and now to videos. They are so popular that social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter have added a video auto play feature to their timeline. Video is able to connect more emotionally because both voices and images are tied together to deliver messages across the audience effortlessly. Think about it, all you have to do is just hit that 'play' button and it takes you to a different reality. But, creating a convincing business video is not an easy job. This blog focuses on top 3 key elements of a video that attracts sale like a magnet!

Common Mistakes to Avoid for Amazon Product Listings | AuroIN

Amazon is one of the best platform to showcase your products in front of millions of customers worldwide. And chances that your sales will sky­rocket is also high. But, sometimes it happens that, despite of your listing a product on Amazon, you don't see good results for your business.

Approach a Professional Keyword Research Service Provider | AuroIN

As the days pass on, Google tends to become exceptionally sophisticated towards its SEO approach. Because of which, conventional methods are becoming insufficient, inefficient and many times get disapproved by Google. Hence, to cope up with that digital marketers is adopting new methods and taking a smarter approach towards boosting up their SEO work.

Twitter Ads Campaign ­ Need or Necessity? | AuroIN

For businesses, Twitter is the most usual place to be. This social media avenue is growing at an overwhelming pace and there is simply no excuse to be inactive on Twitter for any SME. As much as people love being on twitter to get updates on events going around in the world, they also look at this social media platform as a solution to their everyday requirements. Hence, this opens up opportunities for service providers to tap into this massive pool of potential customers and reach out to their relevant audience. However, the idea of social business sometimes raises the questions that whether these marketing campaigns is a need or a necessity.

#5 Steps To Launch a Successful Facebook Fan Page Promotion | AuroIN

Log‐in to Facebook and create a page while logged in your personal profile. Choose from the main categories of the Pages and decide which one fits your business.

How LinkedIn proves itself when it comes to promotion? | AuroIN

As the demand for paid ads is continuously on the rise, More and more search engines and social media platforms are regularly arising out of the grave. The fight for which one would be ahead is meteorically rising day by day. Social media platforms are also increasing their foothold when it comes to paid ads. Embezzled with texts as well as images these socializing players have a lot to offer to company and its clients. LinkedIn is one such platform which is completely business oriented. LinkedIn advertising campaigns are known to be of utmost importance as they display their ads to a global business oriented customers. The most popular ad campaigns are carried out using google adwords and social media platforms such as facebook. LinkedIn is way different from these. Generally used for B2B marketing it targets a larger and specific audience group.