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Updated by Ivan Dimitrijevic on Mar 29, 2016
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4 Reasons Why Every Business Should Create Video Content

In the past couple of years, maybe the biggest shift regarding Internet technology was the rise of video content. From materials that were produced for commercial purposes to the explosion of content that was self-directed via smartphones, videos are now everywhere. Technology will continue to evolve further in this direction, with better accessibility to quality video hardware and software, as well as bandwidth to download and upload this kind of content.

People are now spending more of their time on digital video than on social media, and 68% of U.S. marketers are planning to increase their budget for digital videos. They are looking at a video as a central part of their marketing campaigns, and every content maker knows that it is a crucial medium for engaging their audiences. Text content will always be important, but more and more traffic is driven by video content. It is time to embrace the video as a content driver and here are a few reasons why.


Videos Can Engage the Users for a Longer Period of Time

Users can sometimes find it difficult to cut through the noise when navigating and discovering the desired content, and that can leave them frustrated with a certain platform. This can make the consumers give up, especially if the video does not load within two seconds. But, if you set a clear path for your users, you can create a longer user-engagement period. Platform managers need to invest in quality and technology that will give them accurate algorithm-selected choices that will keep the users engaged.

Everything goes in favor of video, and the benefits are clear, both for platforms and content creators. Their joint goal is to project ahead of the curve and focus on what really drives engagement. High-quality and compelling video content is a big financial and human-capital investment, and if it is done well, it can be a great way to take your business to the next level.
If your priority is quality over quantity, videos can help you build a better reputation, inspire customer loyalty and bring more monetization opportunities.


Videos Can Enhance Marketing and Branding Efforts

Since the video is such a compelling medium, it can be seen both as a centerpiece and as driver of branding efforts. Videos can support a really wide range of marketing initiatives. Because the video has storytelling abilities, it can be used in branding. Videos can bring all of these different elements together – text, audio, images – and take it forward to other marketing strategies. Engagement is a crucial element of marketing success and a great way to extend the value of your content.


Videos Give You the Possibility to Repurpose Content

Videos Give You the Possibility to Repurpose Content

Looking from a practical perspective, a video has unique repurposing possibilities that cannot be achieved with other media. It all begins with the source, and no matter what it is, an interview or a narrative artistic display, it has to be done right. When it is done right, the possibilities of repurposing are endless.
You can use single images for promotion, behind the scenes footage as bonus content that can further engage the audience, and the source material can be used for promotional clips or some other spin-off material for marketing purposes.


Videos Create a Unique Emotional Connection

Unlike any other medium, a video can really translate emotionally, and this is why a well-made 30-second commercial can bring someone to tears and inspire them to take action. Combined with audio and narration, images become an engaging experience, which can speak to the core of every human being.
Since the web is trending to a higher volume of video-based traffic, content-platforms and content creators have to see this unique opportunity to connect with their audience. That connection can build the foundation, inspire brand loyalty and have long-term appeal.

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