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Updated by Zoey Adams on Mar 29, 2016
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Five Best water sports in Bentota, Sri Lanka – under the glistening waters

Sri Lanka is a paradise of water sports. Almost every water sports you name will be available here. It is a destination you shall never miss, if you are a water-sport enthusiast.



Windsurfing seems to attract the visitors even more than the traditionally popular surfing. Mostly popular among foreign tourists, windsurfing has much advantage in Bentota. Since this is a tropical country, you won't have any need for protective clothing against the cold wind. But on the other hand, you need to apply some cream or lotion as a shield against sunshine. The good thing about Bentota is that you can try out windsurfing, even if you know next to nothing about it. There are professional windsurfers who would willingly coach you.



Sounds alien? Well, if you have been to Bentota or a surrounding area like Kalpitiya at least once before this amazing sport would no longer sound alien. Sri Lanka is blessed with flat water surface, lagoons and waves. So what's more do you need for kitesurfing? Sri Lanka does not experience changes in seasons. All the same, kitesurfing has seasons in the country. From May to October it is summer, while it is winter from December to March (though the temperature does not drop below 28c). If you stay at a convenient place such as AVANI Bentota Resort & Spa, you can get more information about things to do in Bentota.


Boogie boarding

If you are planning to have boogie boarding, Hikkaduwa could be the best place. But you need to be cautious about the time you visit Sri Lanka. During the period between May and December, the sea gets a bit rougher than other periods. This is a slightly dangerous period, as the water does not become clear because of waves and sands. From the airport, the whole journey to Hikkaduwa will be about 135 kilometres.


Banana boat

It is one of the best water sports if you are travelling with family. Your loved ones will scream in joy. The banana boat is a unique experience which would hardly bore you. Since the Bentota waters are also calm, it looks the perfect watery terrain for your banana boat. Also known as water sled, the banana boat does not need any energy-based power. This inflatable boat is pulled by another electric boat, and the rider has almost nothing to do other than holding tight on to the boat. The boat is so called, as it has the banana shape in its form. Most models come as one tube, but you can also come across the ones with two tubes.



Not really a water sport in the standard sense. But if you get along with the traditional fishermen in a fishing boat, fishing would turn out to be an adventurous water sport. In fact, it could hold more interest for you than any other standard type water sport. Most fishermen get to sea at the sunset. So, if you have a passion for fishing, be prepared for an expedition that requires extra effort. But that extra effort would be rewarding.