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Updated by Anupama Prasad on Mar 28, 2016
Headline for 4 Tips and Techniques to Improve Your Exterior Wall Lighting
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4 Tips and Techniques to Improve Your Exterior Wall Lighting

Choosing the best lighting for your home is never an easy task. There are so many different ways you can adopt to change the way the exterior lighting in your home is and that could transform your home. If you felt that the lighting around your home is not good enough, here are a few simple techniques you can adopt to improve it –


Are you using the right lights?

Using LED lights instead of conventional lighting would be the first and most basic of things to change. LED lights are more efficient and would give you better brightness for the energy consumed. Not only would it help you bring down your energy bills but would make all the difference in terms of brightness too.


The right fixtures

Not always do we use the right fixtures for the lights we have at home. For an exterior wall, using a scone or a long clear glass would be ideal. That ways there is always guidance along the way to walk towards the entrance and give plenty of brightness too.


Keep it completely controlled

Having a dimmer for the exterior wall lights is a simple and innovative idea to improve the lighting conditions outside. If you need it to be bright lit, you can do so or even if you want to have it lit through the night, you can have it done with minimal energy.


Choose the spacing between lights

It is absolutely critical to keep the right distance between all of your wall lamps. You do not want it to be too close to each other so that the purpose of the light is lost; neither do you want it to be kept to far apart. Keep it equidistant and also near enough to avoid blind spots.