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What are the best calling cards for India from the USA?

Life is short, the world is big, and nothing is more important than staying in touch with the people who matter to you the most. No matter where you are in the world, you deserve a reliable and affordable International calling cards.

What is the cheapest way to call India from the USA?

At present, many businesses or travellers are using skype, viber and other option for calling India from USA. But, you are using cell phone, mobile phone to call India from USA. In this situation, you have to pay a big amount of money to telecom company.  As you know, international calls are more expensive compared to domestic. So, If you want to call India from USA at affordable prices then you should take help of calling cards. By using India Calling Card you can make easily calls to India from USA and get latest features with amazing voice quality from telecom company. But, It depends on you. Which calling card are you purchasing? Which company  do you choose? If you are using RAZA Calling Card to call India from USA then you can get new latest features every day.

Make cheap calls to afghanistan from USA with best phone calling card

If you are living in foreign country from last few years and want to touch with your friends and colleagues in Afghanistan. As you know, when calling from abroad international calling charges could be applied by your operator. And international call charges are very high as compared to domestic. Calls to Afghanistan from USA

Make cheap international calls with amazing prepaid phone calling cards

If we talk about the Telecoms industry, you can find so many company across the whole world, which are highly popular in the area of telecommunication. These are providing amazing international calling cards for all customers who wants to make cheap international call with excellent voice quality.

Make The Cheapest International Calls With Amazing Phone Calling Cards

Whether you are travelling from your country to other nation for business meeting or conference or education or any other purpose. You may stay for long or short time duration in foreign country. In this situation, you don't want to forget your relative person. You always want to touch with your family or relative people. But as you know very well about the international calling charges. It's more expensive as compared to domestic.




you can search many immigrants from India which are switching to abroad countries for business intention or study or better opportunity. But they all want to touch with own family and friends on regular basis.

Make calls to India from Canada with cheap calling cards

If you are making Calls to India from Canada on regular basis, definitely you would like to use cheap calling card for making international call. because, everyone want to save money during the international calls. Find the best calling cards here and talk to your related person without any hesitation.

Top 5 points for reducing international roaming charges

If you are a businessman and travelling overseas for business motive. Definitely, you will have to make call for long distance. it phone calls can be small or long time duration. but calling charges may be high. So, here i,m telling you best 5 points for reducing international calling charges.

1 - You should use skype when travelling in roaming.
2 - You should use whatsapp.
3 - You should use prepaid Sim cards
4 - You should use voicemail
5 - You should use Wi-Fi in roaming.
Cheap International Calling Cards

Make Cheap International Calls with cheapest Calling Cards

Raza Communications Inc is a Chicago based telecommunication services provider which provides cheap international calling cards and India Calling Cards for mak…


Top Points for making cheap international calls with prepaid phone calling cards.

Top Points for making cheap international calls with prepaid phone calling cards.

Before buying Prepaid Calling Cards from any reputed telecommunication provider, you should consider some points.
1. You should check per minute calling rate.
2. You should check minute rounding
3. You should check connection fees
4. Check maintenance fee
5. Check Communication fee
6. Check expiry date


Ramadan Mubarak

Ramadan Mubarak

Raza Communications came to this Ramadan Festival new latest calling plans for making cheap international calls. Get up to 2500 FREE minutes to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka country! New customers can signup today to experience quality long distance service that only Raza can offer!
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Cheapest International Calling Cards

Cheapest International Calling Cards

At present, you can find many companies which offer various types of international and domestic calling card plan. Before buying any calling card plans from any telecom service provider. Just you can think. Why should you purchase calling card? The calling cards are good for us.



Make calls to India from USA with cheapest calling Card

Make cheap calls to India from USA by using the calling cards. Raza is an emerging name in telecommunication industry with improvisation to international calling services. India calling card is highly innovative idea for making call to India from USA.


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Choose your best Calling Plans for Calling Pakistan from USA and start saving money

Nowadays, Many Pakistani people are travelling around the world for some specific reasons. It could be private or official purpose. During the international journey, Every persons want to make freely calls own family, friends and related without any hesitation. Suppose that, if you are going to USA from Pakistan, definitely you would like to calls your home country. because, Nobody want to live without touch own family and friends. but we all know that international calling charges is more expensive at present. In this case, definitely you would like to find Pakistan calling cards. Raza Communications Inc is a Chicago based telecommunications company which is providing cheapest calling plans for making call Pakistan from USA at very affordable rates.

Top benefits of Pakistan calling cards
Low per-minute calling rates to Pakistan from USA
Only pay for the minutes you use.
No hidden charges.
High quality calling services
Reliable calling across the world
Call any Mobile and Landline Phones