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Must Try Kuala Lumpur Dishes - Exotic Holiday Treats

Nasi Lemak or roadside Ramly Burghers all promise to entice satisfy and uplift the spirit. Scout around and try some of the exotic flavours that make up the varied dishes of Kuala Lumpur.


Nasi Lemak

This is the national dish and no trip to KL is complete until you try it. The savoury rice served on a banana leaf is most often accompanied with variations of chicken and tastes lemony and spicy. Listed are a few of the top restaurants serving the popular dish with tasty variations; you can however order the Nasi Lemak from any restaurant, café or street kiosk and still enjoy the fabulous blend of flavours. Nasi Lemak Famous serves the dish with crispy ayam goren rempa; this is batter fried chicken while Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa dishes it out with loads of side dishes such as sambal sotong and paru goring. Check out Village Park for a hearty serving of Nasi Lemak together with a whole fried chicken leg.


Ikan Bakar

Grilled fish at its best is presented in exotic Ikan Bakar. Fresh fish is well marinated, wrapped in banana leaf and grilled to perfection creating a gorgeous golden crispy outer layer and light and flaky inside. Kedai Kak is the favoured eatery for this traditional dish and is best accompanied with a side order of the restaurants other speciality air asam.


Roti Canai

Just about any mamak stall in town will serve this delicious roti dish. The plain Roti Canai is a light crispy pancake like bread that has a slight sweetness. Although quite delicious on its own the roti is quite amazing when dipped in mutton curry, dhal or sambal. Valentine Roti in the city centre is tipped to serve the best Roti Canai, with over 20 years' experience. If you are reading this and planning a foodie holiday to KL consider the convenience of accommodation at a family hotel Kuala Lumpur is home to. Enjoy contemporary abodes where globe trotters meet, play and relax; for your next holiday; one such is the Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral.


Ramly Burger

This is Malaysia's iconic burgher on the go. Just about every decent neighbourhood will have a stall serving up hearty portions of Ramly Burgher while some of the best tasting are made at Brother John Burgher Stall; located Uptown Damansara. A favourite is the Master Burger made up of chicken patties or Ramley beef covered with egg, cheese and exotic pepper sauce. There are of course many other variations on the menu.


Banana Leaf Rice

Aromatic and utterly delicious; banana rice is a dish served on a quarter banana leaf. First the rice is served over which a spicy and aromatic curry is poured. It is accompanied with other side dishes such as dhal and papadam. Eat it with your fingers and sip on the delicious freshly made cool drinks.


Brown Sugar Appam

Appam is a delicious fermented rice batter pancake; the best appam is served at Om Shakti Chelo Appam Stall in Bangsar. Options of ordering plain milky appam are available while the favourite is the brown sugar mixed variety that has a soft centre and crispy sides.