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Updated by Vanhishikha Bhargava on Apr 17, 2023
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Mobile App Development and Marketing

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How To Succeed In In-App Referral Marketing In 5 Simple Steps

Acquiring mobile users is increasingly becoming a challenge for businesses. But as the digital world moves towards mobile, businesses need to consistently make efforts to stay as well as grow in the market. And that doesn’t just include increasing marketing budgets.

The market today is not susceptible to value propositions being delivered via advertisements. What users need is a guarantee from someone like them, and that’s where referral marketing comes in. In simpler words, referral marketing is a tactic that must be leveraged from even in the mobile app environment - especially when there are hundreds of apps getting introduced to the stores every other day.

So here are 5 steps that every app marketer should take to make the most out of referral programs.

How to growth hack your soft launch with early on engagement

In a post on Pollen Insights, noted growth hacker, Oliver Kern, stated that contrary to popular belief, an app’s launch phase isn’t the stage that decides its success or failure - it is actually the soft launch that matter.

The soft launch determines whether your app is ready to make a positive impact in the market - for both your business and your audience.The idea behind a soft launch is to release the app to a restricted audience in the market prior to a full launch. It helps the businesses test the viability of the product, form an initial user base and meet the KPIs before taking it to the market.

A soft launch is the business’s opportunity to gather insightful user data - how comfortable is their onboarding, what are the features they are easily interacting with, which pages will need more promotion, what is keeping them engaged longer and how their entire app experience could be more optimized.

Why Social Engagement must be included in your game design and how

You have meticulously taken care of every aspect of mobile app development and designing. You carefully took into consideration delivering a great user experience. You also marketed your app really well. But after reaching the market, your analytics disappoint you...

While there are a fair number of downloads that your app has got, your app consistently fails at engaging players for long, and the user retention rate is considerably low.

There are a number of mobile games available across multiple channels - iOS, Android or even Windows Phone for that matter. But after having used, analysed and tested several of them, even the top most fail to have a high user engagement rate.

With a significant number of mobile games entering the market, it is becoming increasingly important for developers to look into engagement. Here are 5 strategies that will help you keep your players engaged on your game for a longer period.

The 10 Essentials Of A Successful In-App Referral Program (+1 bonus tip)

The list of endless features and possibilities an app can cater to, can no longer convince a user to download an app. It’s either the need or a recommendation from a friend that nudges them to do so. In simpler words, referral marketing is what an app needs to grow in this competitive market.

Here are the 10 essentials (+1 bonus tip) that every in-app referral program must consist of to be successful.

Acquiring users with the help of social media

Social media is one of the best ways to acquire new users. Whether you’re paying for them programmatically and benefitting from the excellent targeting of the platform or using social integration within your app. The likes of Facebook, Twitter and even Snapchat all offer ways to help you expand your mobile game’s user base.

How though can you benefit from social channels? Which offer the best return on investment? And which opportunities exist in the market that perhaps haven’t been fully tapped into yet?

Why Your App Needs To Focus On Personalization In 2016 And How

With a number of businesses entering the mobile market, users don’t really feel the need to go with the very first name they see on the app store. What they demand instead is a great experience and value.

And the key to a great user experience? Personalization.

Personalization refers to tailoring the experience you provide to users based on their needs and online behavior, instead of just offering a list of features on a general scale. Personalization is the only way mobile apps will be able to grow sustainably in the market today. In fact, even Econsultancy’s mobile forecast lists personalization as a trend to watch out for in 2016.

3 Growth Tactics That Top Grossing Games Swear By

GetSocial goes in depth into what growth tactics are hot in today's top grossing games.

Community Management: Moving From Social Media to In-App with GetSocial

Doing your community management for your app in social media? Why not do it in-app? Read more here

10 Mobile App Growth Hacks You Need To Start Using Now

With the increasing number of mobile applications entering the market and the cost per install growing consistently every year, app publishers now need to get more creative with the marketing efforts.

Pokemon Go is catching all the gamers. This article shows how, and also, it teaches Game Devs how to acquire, engage and retain their own players!

In this post, we’re going to discuss how the gaming app industry has changed over time and how developers can monetize the most out of the current trends.