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Best European Cities to Visit – enamoured in Europe

If you are simply curious about the western civilization, look no further other than Europe. Most European cities stand aloof with their own unique cultural identities.



Get in the thick of European civilization with Florence, the capital of Tuscany, Italy. It is where the medieval European trade and commerce flourished. And even today, Florence stands as one of the richest cities in the European region.



London hardly needs any introduction. The British capital has almost anything for anyone – it could be anything ranging from history to food. Besides, the city attracts a large crowd of businessmen, probably even more than New York. Flights to London abound with Heathrow airport being one of the busiest in the world but travelling to this city from outside Europe can be a bit tricky with the cost of tickets on the higher end of the spectrum. If you're looking to nab cheap flights to London your best bet would be to check out last minute offers and online booking services like Findmyfare.



Everybody knows Lisbon as the capital of Portugal. But there is more to this city than simply being a capital. It is the country's wealthiest area and claims GDP per capita average well above the European Union standards. In Lisbon, you can see all the important places such as government and the residences of the top politicians.
Lisbon is also home to a host of historical sites, sightseeing sites, culturally important places and picturesque locations. This city could be a great place, if you have passion for walking and photographing. The ubiquitous presence of cafes and the nightlife would never make your stay boring here.

Although it is the wealthiest area in Portugal, surprisingly it is the least expensive capital in Western Europe to travel.

And the best thing about Lisbon is that it is one of the safest European cities to visit. Of course you should be vigilant about pickpocketing and other kinds of crime, but these crimes are almost unheard of in the city. The passers-by have a friendly outlook. Whether they know you or not, it would not matter – they would anyway greet you at least with a smile.



Although it is the capital of Italy, the city has established itself as a country. Rome has a history of about 2500 years. In the ancient past, this was the capital of the Roman Kingdom. In Rome, you will be walking amid the remains of a great as well as ancient civilization. It is a civilization of major political and cultural changes.



Situated on the legendary Seine River, Paris was established in the 3rd century BC. Its original dwellers were known as Parisii who so named the city after themselves. And today, the capital of France has much life going on. With a heavy influx from all corners of the globe, Paris is up throughout the day with a hive of activities.



The capital of Spain, Barcelona was founded initially as a Roman city. Today it is open to a good crowd of tourists with a great facet of historical significance. Its immense museums and other historical sites will take you along to a different world of strangeness and marvel.