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Engineering-Focused Resources

Engineering for Kids - Free Games, Cool Projects, Fun Experiments, Science Online

Description: This website is focused on bringing knowledge of science to kids, in a safe manner.

Rationale: I chose this specific resource because of all the available information it contained related to all forms of engineering ranging from mechanical to electrical.

Engineering Photo

Description: This image shows a middle schooler constructing a robot out of what appears to be kinex

Rationale: I chose this photo because I think it clearly shows how students excitedly want to do engineering. Plus it may make children seem intrigued to see why she is so interested.


Scientific Process

Scientific Process

Description: A Photo showcasing the basic understanding of how the scientific process works.

Rationale: I chose this photo because it clearly dictates to students how students can follow the scientific process. The process helps students connect how engineering in the real world can be used to solve problems.




Description: This photo shows what students can create through engineering.

Rationale: I chose this photo because it correctly illustrates to students what engineering can help them create. The importance is it gets students in the frame of mind to draft/sketch a subject.




Description: An image being sketched to showcase how the imagination can come out in ideas.

Rationale: The goal of this photo is to let students understand that to do engineering it takes imagination and ingenuity to draft. But most importantly creativity.

Electrical Engineer

Description: This website was created to give people the understanding of what an electrical engineer is and does.

Rationale: I chose this website because it gives students a glimpse on what being an electrical engineer means and what they would do. It would give students a chance to understand what being an engineer really takes.

Types of Engineering | Aboriginal Access to Engineering

Description: There are about 200 types of engineering, this is a small list of them.

Rationale: I chose this website because it would give students a chance to view all the possible different fields of engineering they can venture into.

The 6 Highest Paid Engineering Jobs

Description: Want to know the highest paid engineering jobs available,

Rationale: The goal of me picking the website was to give students a clear understanding what engineering jobs pay the best, this may help influence students to pick this career field.


Desiging Vihnyl Toys

Desiging Vihnyl Toys

Description: Man working on creating a vinyl figure

Rationale: The goal of using this photo was to direct student to thinking that by using engineering they can create whatever they want they only have to imagine what they can do.




Description: If you think it, you can try to create it.

Rationale: Engineering is all about creating from your own ideas. The goal is to encourage students to create from their own imaginations, to create anything they can or want to try. To encourage failure and sucess