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Art Focused Resources

Identify This Art - Your Guide through the Art Movements

Identify This Art - Your Guide through the Art Movements

Description - This site acts as the students personal art historian instructor that answers questions about how to identify a certain art historical period, how that period got it's name, what gave rise to the period, where it occurs, and more!

Rationale - Simple terms are used to define an art period. The website has nice pictures & even a guided view of the sistine chapel! The information is clear and website is easily navigable.

Google Cultural Institute

The Google Cultural Institute brings together millions of artifacts from multiple partners, with the stories that bring them to life, in a virtual museum.

Description - This site is like an online museum gallery full of historical facts and artifacts that provide the who, what, when, how, where, and why of different displays in actual museum exhibits.

Rationale - I love this site! The pictures make it very intriguing. I like that students can create their own galleries based off of their findings. Most of the site includes artwork, but there is rich information on history and different cultures. This site is very reliable because it's powered by Google. The display is so intriguing. It's great for high school level and beyond.

Wordle - Beautiful Word Clouds

Description - This website allows the student to create a collage of words that emphasis a certain and allow the most important words to stand out.

Rationale - For researching and presenting, the students can enjoy creating word clouds that help them recall the most important points they are learning. These are popular right now, so I know the students will enjoy creating these. It makes presentations more visually appealing. The Wordles that students make can even be placed onto gifts and apparel making learning more fun.

Arts and humanities

Description - Khan Academy is an awesome educational resource that allows the student to learn many different subjects through video, audio, text, and more, including the relationship between arts and humanities.

Rationale - This site is free and the headings & search bar make information easy to find. This site is well-known for teaching in many areas and grade levels of education. The board that helps run Khan Academy are intelligent professionals in content areas. It is essentially a global classroom that provides teachers, parents, and students with tools such as videos, audio, and text to educate all students in any content area. They partner with many cultural museums and the site includes a great section on art/art history.

Smarthistory. art, history, conversation.

Dr. Beth Harris and Dr. Steven Zucker—together with 200+ leading art historians, and museum partners—have created and published hundreds of short engaging co...

Description - Videos and essays make up the Smarthistory concept to share art history with and to educate the world.

Rationale - Over 200 art historians contribute to this site which makes it highly credible. It is used by many people. The site includes cultures, themes, and art basics. It is updated daily and easy to use.

Description - The Smithsonian website includes many articles and videos on almost anything imaginable.

Rationale - I like that this site has so much to offer. It has a specific art section with many random topics as well.

Art History

Description - This website encompasses the best history websites including, art history, biblical history, american history, european history and more!

Rationale - I love that site has a simple layout and leads the student to the top websites on history. It allows the student to explore.

eduweb: award-winning developer of digital learning games and multimedia interactives

Description - Eduweb provides digital learning games about art, history, science, and technology.

Rationale - Once in the portfolio section of the site, the student can search by subject for art games. This is a fun, interactive way for students to learn.

Description - The Web Gallery of Art is a virtual museum with artist biographies, tours, etc. and even suggests musical playlists that relate to the exhibit the student is viewing.

Rationale - I love that there are virtual tours, musical relations, biographies, a glossary, and a database included in this site. The pages are very wordy but still user friendly.