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History Focused Resources


How Was the St. Louis Arch Built?

This website has a lot of different ways for the students to learn. It has videos, pictures, and text that can be read to them. The students would be instructed to listen and read along to the text to get an understanding of how the arch was built and why it was. The students could explore the other things the website has to offer, but the main focus is on the text.

Magic Kingdom - Walt Disney World , Orlando 2016 HD

This video is about what Magic Kingdom looks like inside the park and the different things it has to offer. The students would watch this to get an inside look to the park. A lot of the students will not have had the chance to go and may not get to. So giving them a glimpse into why it has become a land mark may be the only picture they have of it.

Fun Facts

This website has important and interesting facts about Yellowstone National Park. The students would use this to get some key facts that make up the park as well as what the park does. It is in a list form, so they will have to read this but it is in a simplified form that 2cd graders will be able to follow.

This website has more interactive information on the Statue of Liberty. The students would use this to explore the statue in an interactive way with a peer. It has the creation story, the different parts or the statue, and gives a tour of it. This would be helpful for them to really get to understand the statue without being there and seeing it for themselves.

This is a video about the Alamo in story form. Students would be able to hear the story of the Alamo as well as see a visual representation of it. It was created for kids so there isn't anything that they should not be seeing violence wise.

20 Awesome Facts About the Golden Gate Bridge

This is an article about the Golden Gate Bridge. It has facts that will interest kids as well as educate them on the bridge. Students would be able to see what the bridge looks like as well as learn about it in a way that interests them.

Magic Kingdom Park

This website is about Magic Kingdom and what is inside the park. Students would use this to explore it's attractions, entertainment, and tours through pictures and text explanations.

The picture is of the Statue of Liberty and includes the measurements of the statue. The students would use this to understand how big the statue actually is and be able to see the different parts of it.



This is a picture of the beginning construction of the arch. The students will use this to compare to the ending image of the arch. It is hard to wrap your mind around people building such a large structure, but seeing the how it looked early on makes it easier to envision.

This is a picture inside Yellowstone National Park. The students are going to get to know about Yellowstone but they aren't actually seeing what it looks like. It would be hard to include tons of pictures, but this one really captures how beautiful and natural the park really is.