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Updated by Erin Hunter on Mar 24, 2016
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List of Reasons to Visit Maldives – how the adventurous spirit can rock you in Maldives

Maldives is a hive of activities with the increasing number of tourists. That said, the island offers a number of reasons why it deserves your visit.


Taxi service

In contrast to your mental picture of some yellow vehicles parked alongside the road, the taxis here are the ferries that take you from island to island. So to say, most taxis are available from the airport. Probably, the strangest taxi path could be here on the vast blue ocean.


Fish markets

The fishing has earned Maldives a sizeable revenue. Some of the fish markets, however, should be visited only if you are not too sensitive. A giant tuna is to be seen laid out in slabs waiting for you to take a picking. To see the fishermen at work could be a different experience. Although refrigerator services are not conveniently available, you can be rest assured since the fish is fresh.


Dining under water

Dining underwater is a unique thing you can enjoy while in Maldives. There are many resorts that have beautiful and amazingly built underwater restaurants in Maldives that serve a wide variety of fish on their menus.


Shark park

Maldives is an interesting destination for sharks, as it declared shark fishing as illegal in 2010. That said, the island is a paradise of sharks. Opt for a good night dive with grey reef sharks. This also lets you spot the whale sharks. The sharks have no hard and fast season to emerge. They would just pop up whenever they come for their prey. There are snorkelling trips available for spotting sharks. You can get more information about spotting sharks if you stay at a Maldives luxury hotel such as Cocoa Island by COMO, Maldives. These trips would take you to lagoons where you can witness shark nurseries. There you will be able to see little lemon sharks.


Striking scenery

Ever wondered where those picturesque screensavers come from? Most of them are taken in Maldives. As you spend a few days in this beautiful little paradise, you will slowly realize why most travellers ache to visit here over and over again.


Sleep over water

Maldives is an archipelago of 1200 islands. Of all those islands, only 300 are occupied. Of those 300 islands, most have only a little space for living. Maldives has an alternative for that: sleep over water? But it is not that scary as you think, but a little pricier than you would imagine. These small allocations where you can sleep over water are a good entertaining and adventurous option.



Like most Asian countries, Maldives is a hub of spa facilities. You will be greeted by the spa experts to a memorable spa session. However, it is always safe to do your internet research on spa and then decide on which place to go. Most spas would offer quality service at a cheap rate. But such places are not so common. So be on a watch out.