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Paleontology - The study of Fossils - General Knowledge | Mocomi Kids

DescriptionThis website has information about paleontology and gives facts about it and what paleontologists do.

Student use:
Students can use information to create articles and a presentation on paleontology.

Dinosaur fossils

Description: Students can find out more information on dinosaurs.
How students use this: They can discover how the climate was, who it was discovered by, where the nest was, and when it was discovered.




Description: It gives the definition of paleontology, how it is used, what the two types of science are, and the classification of the two types of science.
What students will use it for: It has links for dinosaurs, dinosaur games, and voting for dinosaurs. It will be a very helpful tool for the kids.

Dig In To Paleontology

Description: This video gives a great description of how paleontology works. The video talks about fossils, dinosaurs, and how paleontologists work.
How kids would use it: This video gives a lot of information and the kids could use one or more of the items discussed in the video to use on a project.

Redirect Notice

Description: This is the largest fish fossil paleontologists have found. The boys are lying next to it to show how big it really is.
How kids can use this: They can do an experiment on where the fossils were found and what they looked like.

National Fossil Day - Kids Stuff

Description: Kids who are interested in paleontology are on this website. Kids can "meet a paleontologist." There are games and activities and there is a tab that is resources for parents and teachers.

Meet the Author

Description: This is a website where kids can "meet a paleontologist." There is also a tab for parents and teachers and games and activities.
Students' use: Students would use this as a resource for exploring nature online and finding out more information about dinosaurs.


Description: This website has game, videos, stories, hands-on activities, and information about dinosaurs.

How kids would use it: They can play games and see how fun it is to find fossils.


dinosaur bones

dinosaur bones

Description: This is a man who is intricately piecing a dinosaur together.

How kids will use it: Kids can use it by trying to figure out what dinosaur it was based on the skeletal bone structure.

Palaeontology - - Dinosaurs For Kids

Description: This website describes how old fossils are and how paleontologists know how old they are. The website has dinosaur games on it.
How kids would use it: The children can do a report on how old every kind of dinosaur is because of how deep in the ground the fossils were found.