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The Modern Orchestra

SFS Kids: Fun & Games With Music!

Description: This website provides an avenue for students to listen, play, perform, conduct, and compose music.
Rationale: I chose this website because it is full of information and application for what they have been learning about the orchestra.

Description: This website is full of games and scavenger hunts. The students are able to meet the conductors and create their own instruments.
Rationale: I chose this because it is very kid friendly and a visually engaging. There is a lot of exploring to be done here.

Learning about the Symphony Orchestra

Description: This Pinterest page includes many things for the students to explore including pictures, videos, and quizzes.
Rationale: I chose this because the possibilities are endless and the students are able to expand their knowledge.

How Videogames Are Saving the Symphony Orchestra

Description: This article talks about how videogame music is making symphony orchestras more popular.
Rationale: This is a good article because it is relatable to the students because many play video games.

The French Horn, That Wild Card of the Orchestra

Description: This article talks about the French Horn and how it is unique.
Rationale: I choose this website and article because not very many people know a lot about the french horn and this is a good insightful article.


Chamber Orchestra

Chamber Orchestra

Description: This picture is a smaller version of the orchestra.
Rationale: This is what came before the modern orchestra, which is larger and has more instruments.

Orchestra Games -

Description: This website focuses on hearing the sections of the orchestra individually instead of the just instruments themselves. Rationale: The animation is super interactive, and it includes quizzes based on how each section sounds and the placement of the sections of the orchestra. This website is very visually appealing!


Description: In this game you choose the instrument that you hear. The instruments that one chooses make up an orchestra. After all are chosen correctly, it plays a portion of the Magic Flute by Mozart.

Rationale: I chose this game because it is really interactive and allows students to test what they are learning in a fun way!!




Description: A conductor is a very important part of the orchestra and this picture demonstrates that.
Rationale: I chose this picture because it displays a conductor conducing an ensemble. This picture is visually engaging!

Instrument Families of the Orchestra: String, Woodwind, Brass & Percussion - Video & Lesson Transcript |

Description: This website focuses on the different instruments of the orchestra and what they look and sound like!
Rationale: I choose this website because the video is interactive and the website offers quizzes and outlines related to what the video displays.