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Fairy-Tale Creation Focused Resources

Disney Songs Mash-Up Figurative Language

Description: This video focuses on describing different types of figurative language and uses Disney songs to illustrate them.
Rationale: This resource takes the usually monotonous way of learning figurative language and makes it fun. The students can apply learning about similes or alliteration to a Disney song they've already heard before and the video will help them make a connection so it's easier to remember.

Figurative Language - Examples and Definition

Description: This website focuses on figurative language and giving examples of all the different types.
Rationale: This website is easy to navigate for students and contains a plethora of useful information. Many types of figurative language are explained and examples from literature are used to help make it more clear to students.

Exploring genre | How to write a fairy tale

Description: This website instructs students on what aspects an effective fairy-tale contains.
Rationale: The website is easy to navigate and is specifically to help writers learn to structure their stories better. Contains a lot of useful information for students.

Fairy Tale Character Archetypes ~ Raven's Shire - Fairies and Fairy Tales

Description: This website describes different character types that are typically used in fairy-tales.
Rationale: This website will be useful for students when they are choosing which characters to use when writing their fairy-tales and which ones to not use. Information is easy to find on the website and gives good examples so students can further understand the material.

How to Write a Fairy Tale Retelling - Ink and Quills

Description: Learn how to make a fairy-tale retelling that's exciting and fresh using your own ideas.
Rationale: Students learn how to adapt an already created fairy-tale effectively. It's important not to simply redo something that's already been done multiple times but to create something fresh based loosely off a fairy-tale. Good website setup and easy to use for students. Great information.

Author, Jody Hedlund: 5 Tips for Writing Better Settings

Description: Tips for effectively writing setting for stories. Connects figurative language to setting for students.
Rationale: This easy to navigate website is written by a published author. She gives good insight on how to connect setting with figurative language to make it more believable. A good resource for story building for students.

Characterization Lesson | Using Disney's Frozen

Description: This video uses a fairy-tale (Disney's Frozen) to describe direct and indirect characterization.
Rationale: The video helps students associate something they already know (Frozen) to something they don't know (characterization) and shows how Disney effectively uses characterization in the movie. The video is organized and interesting to watch.

Grimms' Fairy Tales Themes

Description: This website describes different themes of fairy-tales.
Rationale: Contains specific information on different typical themes in fairy-tales. Simple to use.

Warwick Castle - Virtual Tour

Description: Tour the grounds and rooms of Warwick Castle in England.
Rationale: Students can easily access the grounds of a castle which can spark their interest and creativity for the setting of their own stories.

How to build a fictional world - Kate Messner

Description: This video briefly describes how an author can create a fictional world that is believable to the reader.
Rationale: The graphics and examples used apply to students and are interesting. This video will help them see how creating their own fictional world isn't impossible and can give them more flexibility in their writing than using the real world as a setting.


Kingdom Map

Kingdom Map

Description: A map of a fictional world.
Rationale: Students can see an example of how their kingdom in their fairy-tale can be structured. Gives the students ideas as to what they can include in their setting.

Disney Story Origins Podcast

Description: Various podcast episodes about the origin of fairy tales.
Rationale: Students can listen to the podcasts to determine how fairy tales can go from the original to the watered down, kid friendly, Disney version.