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Updated by Cartridge Express on Mar 23, 2016
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Printing News

Here is a list of printer news from Cartridge Express

What happens to Empty Ink Cartridges After Use

People think twice about buying originally manufactured ink cartridges because of the steep price attached to them. These days all businesses can learn how they can reduce waste by working hand in hand with nature by using recycled ink cartridges which cost far less. Re-manufactured ink cartridges are always of the highest quality and you know this because they have all undergone strict quality testing to ensure they meet all printing standards in terms of sharp clear prints.

How an Ink Cartridge Works

An ink cartridge is found in the inkjet printer. Its main purpose is to store the ink that is displayed on paper during the printing process. Each cartridge has one or more reservoir for the ink. The ability of the cartridge to store ink depends on the printer itself.

Space Farming using 3D Printers

An hydroponics website is a great place to start if you are looking for information on hydro farming or water gardening should you be interested in producing your own food etc, there are many of these websites around on the internet but I came across a really innovative and interesting site the other day whilst doing some research on 3D print.

Who is the Biggest Consumables Company and Why?

HP the computer consumables and office supplies company started its work with the sole aim of providing top class service and consumer satisfaction to the buyers. The company has ever since maintained one to one customer relations and differed from both traditional and contemporary supplier companies.

How printer paper is made?

Printer paper is an essential and common commodity but the process of manufacturing paper is not so simple. A thin piece of paper takes a long time and a series of intricate series of events to turn from wood to its usable form. Paper making is an ancient process which can be traced back to 2nd century A.D. in China where the first evidence of paper use have been found.Following are the steps of this process:

How does cheap ink perform?

Cheap ink has helped many dealers because they do not have to pay high prices when buying, this is because there are many cheap ink cartridges retailers who can guide you through the best brands hence saving you money.

How to recycle toner catridges.

Each year, a huge number of toner cartridges are tossed into the dust bin, winding up in our planet’s landfills or incinerators. Reusing these toner cartridges is simple, productive and useful to the environment. It helps to minimize solid waste, preserve raw materials and the power expected to manufacture another product.

How can a business save on printing

In the world of business, millions of pages are being printed every day. The costs associated with these printing tasks are quite enormous. Many businesses across the globe have realized that they are spending a lot of money on printing services. For instance, if you print up to 500 sheets of paper, you could actually be spending £1800 on an annual basis on printing alone.

The Difference between Genuine and Compatible Ink Cartridges

Almost every product has a copy of it in the market. This article tends to review ink cartridges. Specifically genuine and compatible ink cartridges. The main question being the difference between genuine and compatible ink cartridges.