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Ocean- Focused Resources

Website at

Description: This website has 10 fun facts about the ocean that are listed nicely and clearly that the students will be able to identify and read easily.
Student Use: The students can use these facts to get an idea about the ocean and learn some simple things to prepare them ready to dive deeper in their learning.

Ocean Facts for Children

Description: This link is to a website that has a lot more fun facts that are more in depth. The website is organized by subheadings making it easy to find what topic you are wanting to know more about.
Student use: The students can find their specialty area that they are wanting to focus on through the easy to find and read sub headings and learn more facts about what they are interested in.

Why the Ocean Matters

Description: This is a short two minute video to get the students to hear professionals talk about how important the ocean is.
Student use: This video will help them see the importance by hearing the urgency in their voices. This video will also show different types of animals that they may not have thought of when they think of oceans.

The Ocean Song - Kids Ocean Movie - Ocean Products for Kids

Description: This youtube video is a fun song about the different types of animals in the ocean.
Student use: The students will view this video and get to see all different types of animals that they are going to try to save. This video will get the students excited to work to help the oceans because it is a fun up beat positive song.

Colossal Sea Creature Photos -- National Geographic

Description: This article has a slide show of 11 giant sea creatures the students can learn about if they choose to learn about the big animals.
Student use: The students who decide to learn about the big animals under the sea can learn about these 11 specific animals and see their pictures.

Ocean Animal Encyclopedia

Description: This website has a huge list of all animals under the ocean.
Student use: The students can go to this list and find a specific species they want to focus on.

List of Oceans Animals

Description: A list of more animals that students can click on and learn about
Student use: Another resource that students can find a specific species and click on and read about. This page is more visual.

50 Best Small Fish and Marine Animals in the Ocean

Description: A slide show is given with 50 of some of the smallest animals living in the ocean.
Student use: If a student knows they want to focus on the smaller animals that are sometimes forgotten this slide show will be easier for them to find which kind they want to focus on.

List of Ocean Plants |

Description: An easy to read article with lists and descriptions of some of the types of plants in the ocean.
Student use: The students need to know that there are plants in the ocean too and this is a site where they can learn a few of the types of plants that live with the fish.

Stunning Underwater Plants and Sea Life on the Ocean Floor

Description: A slide show of 11 different types of plants that live in our oceans.
Student use: Another resource for the students to use to learn about different types of plants in our oceans.