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Updated by WPStrategy on Mar 21, 2016
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Woocommerce website tips

Learn how to manage your Woocommerce website using tips by web developers and studios. Woocommerce is the biggest ecommerce tool for WordPress, and can be used to sell anything online. WP Strategy in Portland is a Woocommerce studio that can help you build an ecommerce website.

How to compete in ecommerce - WP Strategy

You have to compete in ecommerce if you want to make any money. Ecommerce is a competitive industry, and you won’t have any paying customers by being another clumsy ecommerce website. By focusing on becoming the best of an ecommerce attribute, you can set a planned course for market success.

Woocommerce product types - WP Strategy

Many types of products can be sold using Woocommerce. Using Woocommerce product types, an ecommerce website can sell unique products like downloadable software, or products from an affiliate program.

Woocommerce payment options - WP Strategy

There are many Woocommerce payment options to choose from when setting up a checkout on your ecommerce website. Some payment options come default within Woocommerce, and others are plugins which extend the functionality of the website.

Woocommerce shipping options - WP Strategy

If you are building a Woocommerce website, you will need to decide which Woocommerce shipping options to use. This seemingly simple task is the pitfall in many ecommerce website projects, so decide carefully.

Why shouldn't I just use Squarespace? - WP Strategy

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t use Squarespace, and most of them have to do with success and satisfaction. I have watched many people attempt to build their website in Squarespace, and a few months later they switch to a better tool which will achieve their specific requirements. This is a valuable lesson, but it usually wastes a month or two.

Selling products that are not physical goods - WP Strategy

Want to start an ecommerce business, but don’t have any physical goods to sell? There are plenty of products you can sell that are not physical at all.

How to make your WordPress theme Woocommerce compatible - WP Strategy

Woocommerce and WordPress are a match built to last. But not all WordPress themes are compatible to use with Woocommerce. Not to worry! You can modify your WordPress theme to be Woocommerce compatible.

Woocommerce purchased by Automattic - WP Strategy

Woocommerce has been purchased by Automattic, the parent company of WordPress. We are thrilled! Woocommerce has always been our favorite ecommerce extension for WordPress, and we are glad to see that Automattic agrees. The future of ecommerce on WordPress is looking bright.

How to sell event tickets on your website - WP Strategy

Selling event tickets online is possible if you have the right tools. Using WordPress and Woocommerce, you can setup events and purchasable tickets which are managed just like posts and products. Your website can be extended to make scheduling events and selling tickets an organized and manageable process. Avoid 3rd party fees for you and your customers by managing ticket sales on your own website.