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Headline for Current Issues in Education
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Current Issues in Education

Here is a list of current issues educators are facing today.

Repeating a Grade: The Pros and Cons

It is important to consider what is best for the child, since they could be leaving friends behind. This page has some great questions to consider.

Gender Gap: Why Boys Can't Keep Up

Boys are falling behind girls in school performance. This article explains what's behind the boy crisis, and how parents and teachers can help.

Much Too Early

This article talks about how much is taught when children are younger.

Ability Grouping in Elementary Schools.

Ability grouping of students is one of the oldest and most controversial issues in elementary and secondary schools. This article describes and explains how it works.

Report: More PE, Activity Programs Needed in Schools

Students should be doing at least 60 minutes of vigorous or moderate-intensity physical activity at school with more than half of the activity occurring during regular educational hours.

Pay for Performance: What Are the Issues?

Merit pay, performance pay, knowledge- and skill-based pay -- they are all making news as alternatives or supplements to the traditional teacher step system. But what do they mean for teachers? Education World talked with educators and analysts about these three trends in teacher pay.

Are We Stressing out our Kids?

Stressed out, over scheduled, hurried: These words are often used to describe children these days.

Teaching Students with ADD / ADHD

Dealing with ADHD in the classroom? These tips for teachers will help you overcome common challenges.

Dealing with Bullying

Bullying is a growing problem. These tips for kids, parents, and teachers can help put a stop to it.

Stop Tolerating Zero Tolerance

Zero-tolerance policies damage more children than the weapons they purport to protect them from.

Why Teach Empathy?

This article talks about empathy and its place in school, especially how important it is.

Classroom Management

By using research-based strategies combining appropriate levels of dominance and cooperation and an awareness of student needs, teachers can build positive classroom dynamics.

In-School Suspension: A Learning Tool | In School Suspension

While educators agree that keeping suspended students in school is better than having them home unsupervised, schools need more than a room and a teacher for in-school suspension to change behavior. Structured programs that address multiple issues can help students get back to class faster and stay there. Included: Tips for creating successful in-school suspension programs.

Your Child is Gifted… Now What? | GreatKids

Your child’s gift comes wrapped in challenges. Learn why parents often struggle to get their gifted children's intellectual and emotional needs met.

Does Inclusion Help or Hurt Students?

The philosophy behind inclusive schools is that all children have the right to be educated with their peers in regular classrooms in neighborhood schools. The question is, can it be done? Read what teachers who have done it say about the reality of inclusive education!

Too much, too young: Should schooling start at age 7?

England and a few other countries start formal education at age 4 or 5. That's harmful and misguided, say education experts David Whitebread and Sue Bingham

Support and Resources for Educators

Since almost five percent of all students in our nation’s public schools are classified as having specific learning disabilities (SLD), every teacher can expect to find students with learning disabilities in the classroom. Success for these students requires a focus on individual achievement, individual progress, and individual learning. Despite obstacles, recent research tells us that we can teach these students how to learn. We can put them into a position to compete!

4 Tools to Connect Students to Real World Math

One of the challenges we face as educators is providing students with opportunities to engage in meaningful learning experiences to help them connect the math learned in school to real world math

Wisdom of the (Multi) Ages: Students Learn by Teaching

Teachers can integrate powerful lessons from the multiage classroom into their single-grade classroom.

Multiculturalism: What Do Students Think?

Administrators, teachers, parents, and other public figures have voiced their opinions about multicultural education. But a survey by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company has asked students what they think about multiculturalism in their schools.

The Benefits of Music Education

Research shows that learning the do-re-mis can help children excel in ways beyond the basic ABCs. Learn all the benefits of music education.

Online Learning: What Next?

This article discusses online learning and how it has grown.

Comedy in the Classroom: Just What the Doctor Ordered?

Emily Oldak, author of Comedy for Real Life, said "stumbling" into comedy led her to a career of teaching others to lighten up! In this Education World e-interview, Oldak explains the role of comedy in teaching and how it can ease the tensions of children in an unsettled world. Included: Oldak shares tips for teaching with comedy!

Student Led Conferences

Planning and organization are critical for successful teachers and classrooms. If you haven’t already, it is time to start planning for your spring conferences. Many schools have found student led conferences a very effective tool. Especially in the 2nd semester, students can share writing and project samples, reading skills, goals and progress towards those goals.

Rethinking Difficult Parents

Educational consultant and author Allen Mendler looks at the ways that difficult parents can become teachers' allies rather than their adversaries.