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Should Struggling Students Repeat a Grade?

Should Struggling Students Repeat a Grade?

At first glance, grade retention may look like old-fashioned common sense: Fail the year? Just do it over!

Repeating a grade: The pros and cons | GreatKids

Grade retention or social promotion -- which is best? Read what the experts have to say.

Growth Mindset Posters

A Growth Mindset is something that can be taught! Encourage a Growth Mindset in your classroom by hanging up these posters for your students to see! | See more about Growth Mindset, Mindset and Poster.

My First PBL Unit: Learning From My Students

In her first PBL unit, a new teacher learns how giving her students voice and choice will ignite their passions and enhance their learning. | See more about Project Based Learning, Learning and Student.

Repeating a Grade and Family Structure

Children who live with both biological parents or two adoptive parents are less likely to repeat a grade than those who do not.

Grade retention: does repeating a grade make for a better student?

Discusses issues and research surrounding grade retention in the school system. Suggests remedial interventions as a possible solution.

Elementary school and kindergarten retention is harmful

New research on the debate between retention and social promotion

Did my students learn anything?

It is tough to get to the end of a lesson or term and find your self asking, “Did they really learn anything?” Here are some ways to ask questions early to asse | See more about Assessment, Learning and Blooms Taxonomy Questions.

Education Infographics

Did you know that students with early childhood education are 44% less likely than their peers to repeat a grade? Discover other reasons to enroll your child in an education program starting a young age on this infographic from a private school in Campbell. | See more about Early Childhood Education, Early Childhood and Education.

Is Retaining Students in the Early Grades Self-Defeating?

With substantial evidence indicating future educational struggles for those children who don't acquire basic reading skills by third grade, Martin West discusses the effectiveness of policies that retain students and provide them with intensive remedial interventions versus those that promote students to keep them with their peers.


Do you know anyone who has repeated a grade? Find out why this happens in this article for kids.

Repeating a Grade: Pros and Cons

Has your child's school suggested repeating a grade? Learn the pros and cons of staying behind for kids with learning and attention issues.

Repeating a Grade — Does It Work?

Grade retention, or holding a student back, can be challenging for a family. Learn what alternative options exist and whether it may benefit your child.

7 Questions on Student Retention Answered

Student retention is a process in which a teacher feels like it would benefit a student for one reason or another to keep them in the same grade for two consecutive years.

What Are Risk Factors for Grade Retention?

Patient Presentation A 6-year-old male came to clinic for a health supervision visit. He was healthy, had friends, and enjoyed swimming and playing soccer. He had struggled in kindergarten with pre-reading concepts and the school was going to have him repeat kindergarten. He had been tested for hearing and vision problems during the previous school…

Your Kid's Brain Might Benefit From an Extra Year in Middle School

Repeating eighth grade can give students time to mature academically and developmentally.

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Repeating a Grade

Teachers and parents are sometimes faced with the question of whether to have a child repeat a grade because he seems unprepared to learn the mate­rial in the next grade. When making this decision, keep in mind that research shows that low-achieving students tend to progress at the same rate, whether they are retained or promoted. Retained students do not necessarily score better on achievement tests at the end of the repeated grade, compared with similar students who are promoted. Even if retained students improve on stan­dardized test scores, their overall learning does not appear to increase.

How to Decide if Your Child Should Repeat a Grade

How to Decide if Your Child Should Repeat a Grade. There is much controversy on the topic of grade retention. For some children it is very beneficial and for others it makes the problem worse. Look at how your child is doing academically....

Student Behavior Reflection Form

Form to help create good support

Children Who Repeated a Grade

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