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Zoo Focused Resources

A list of resources for 3rd grade science involving the zoo.

Home :: Saint Louis Zoo

This website has tabs that go to the animals the zoo has, and an educational tab that can help students learn facts about different animals.
The students can learn which animals are in zoos worldwide, and what they look like.

Real animals in Zoo For Kids education

This video has live videos of animals and their names.
It can be used to help identify animals that will most likely be found in zoos.

Wild Animal Sounds for Children

This video says the name of an animal, and then has an audio clip that goes along with it.
The students will be able to identify animals not only by looking at them, but also hearing them.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park Adventure

This is a game that is interactive and there are different challenges to overcome that zoo workers deal with frequently.
This will help the children get a more hands on approach to what the zoo is like, while having them be in charge.

Torres Tech - Zoo and Aquarium WebQuest

This website has links to zoo's and animals.
This will help the student's find different animals that previous websites, and it is also visually appealing.

Trip to the zoo for kids - Android Apps on Google Play

This game introduces student's to new animals, while teaching them how to care for these animals.
I picked this game because I thought it would be interesting to go behind the scenes of a zoo, and fix things causing them to be more active in what is happening.

Learning Wild Animals Names and Sounds for kids in English | Funny Lion Elephant Africa Zoo animals

This video has many different animals, their names, and the sounds they make.
I liked it because it says the name, then it has an audio clip following it. It seems kind of boring and long so I'm not sure a student would want to watch the entire video.

Meet Our Animals

This website has more exotic animals that may be less known.
This list is in alphabetical order, which I really like, and it seems very organized.

Zoo Animals : DNews

This website has many articles about the new happenings in the zoo world.
I liked this one because it can tell about which animals are being extinct, and what is happening right now, such as births.

11 Interactive Zoos

This website talks about 11 different zoos that have interactive sections.
This is in the form of a list, which makes it easy to maneuver.