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Headline for Creating a Climate for Learning: Effective Classroom Management Techniques
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Creating a Climate for Learning: Effective Classroom Management Techniques


Behavior Management is a challenge that every new teacher faces. Unfortunately, teachers cannot be 100% prepared on how to effectively manage an entire classroom in their credential program alone. It is something that we have to put into practice and figure out as we go! It involves trial and error, and every teacher has to discover what works for them in their own classroom. So often first year teachers are overwhelmed and feel unprepared for managing classroom behavior.




There is SO much you can do now on your phone, and I only scratch the surface in this post. Nevertheless, here are some of my favorite apps and tips for using your Smartphone or iPad in the classroom (if you're not allowed to use your phone in your class, consider purchasing a used iPod generation 4 on Ebay. I did this a couple of years back when having your phone with you in class wasn't as common).

32 Must-Try Classroom Management Tips - Playdough To Plato

Classroom management is a critical piece of any successful school year. Students must know how to wait their turn, work out conflicts, stay on task…. There are so, so many components teachers need to orchestrate well in order for learning to happen.

How To Be Consistent From The First Day Of School To The Last

There is great freedom in consistency. Because when you follow your classroom management plan to a tee, you remove the guesswork. You eliminate the stress of lecturing, correcting, and trying to convince your students to behave. You wipe away the friction and resentment. The responsibility for misbehavior, then, falls entirely on them—with none of it clinging to you. Your students are free to reflect on their mistakes, and you’re free to move on as if nothing happened.

Getting Control of a VERY DIFFICULT CLASS | Heidi Songs

Here's a great list of classroom management tips for getting control of an extremely difficult class- a MUST READ for any teacher at the end of his or her rope.

Classroom Management Phrases for Teachers - Kinder Craze

Effective classroom management is the key to success in any elementary classroom. These teacher-tested phrases will help to give your classroom management!

25 Attention Getters to Calm A Noisy Classroom

If you are in need of some great attention getters to calm your noisy classroom, this list is just for you!

Non-verbal classroom management tips

What does nonverbal classroom management look like and how can a teacher keep students focused on learning without using words or sounds? Here are five very simple, no-cost, low-tech ways that have worked for me over the years.

Classroom Management Solution: Hand Signals — The Science Penguin

One of the best things I implemented in my classroom was the use of hand signals. It takes a little practice in the beginning, but students get used to using the hand signals.

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Ideas for Classroom management that I complied onto one website.

15 creative & respectful ways to quiet a class

Have you fallen into the trap of saying “No talking!” or “I need quiet!” all day long? It’s exhausting to keep repeating your requests for silence, and after the hundredth time, kids just tune you out, anyway. There have been some great discussions about how to get students to quiet down on my Facebook page as well as in the Facebook group Encouraging Teachers, and I want to share what’s worked for those teachers as well as what I’ve tried in my own classroom. Contributors’ names are written in parentheses where applicable.

Classroom Management

If we are truly honest, a great deal of our time is spent on classroom management. I recently went into a classroom to do a faculty evaluation. I usually try to blend in and act like a student. I scribble a few notes and then leave early. After the class, I meet with the faculty.…

Getting Control of a Talkative Class | Heidi Songs

Do you have a talkative class? Here are ten tried and true ways to help re-train your class to listen to a lesson without chatting or interrupting.

Positive Behavior Management Strategies for the Primary Classroom - Minds in Bloom

Classroom/behavior management is one of the most important things to master in your classroom. Having solid behavior management helps maintain a positive classroom environment, while enabling teachers and students to accomplish LEARNING!
Here are TEN tips and tricks for behavior management I use in my classroom

10 Classroom Management Tips Every Teacher Can Use

Managing a classroom, no matter the size, can be a struggle for both new and veteran educators. Thankfully, teachers have shared their tips and tricks that you can borrow and tweak to make work in YOUR classroom.

Classroom Management - Give Me Five Mini-Posters

This cute set of mini-posters illustrates the age-old "Give Me Five" behavior management trick.

Star Dollars: A Classroom Management System - One Stop Teacher Shop

When I was thinking about what to share that would appeal to many of you, I thought about my classroom management system.  It’s something that that evolved over time and almost everyone in my school uses it without being told by administration to do it!

Five Ways To Strengthen Your Classroom Discipline - Education to the Core

Try these Five Tips to Strengthen Your Classroom Discipline. Here is a list of 5 things you can do right now to tighten up your discipline.

Addressing Our Needs: Maslow Comes to Life for Educators and Students

Guest blogger Lori Desautels translates Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs into a blueprint for classroom practice that can set the stage with comfort, care and self-reflection to optimize brain-compatible learning.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

These are my classroom rules, adapted from Whole Brain Teaching. I also have a second copy that I keep on a binder ring so I can hold them up as we practice reciting the rules everyday, along with body movements.

3 Big Mistakes Teachers Make When Enforcing Consequences

It’s normal to occasionally feel disappointment or frustration when a student misbehaves, particularly if it interrupts the class. But you must never show outward signs of it.

NEW Middle School Teacher's SURVIVAL GUIDE, Part 1 - I'm Lovin' Lit

Over this summer, I’ve been contacted by a few teachers who are either starting their first year teaching in middle school or moving from elementary to middle this year, so I decided to write up a Survival Guide for those teachers!

Hands on Top Attention Getter

This is one of my favourite attention getters. This poster is perfect when first introducing it to your class or as a reminder throughout the year. Teacher:

Why Gentleness Is A Strong Classroom Management Strategy

21st-century students respond best to a calm, even-handed approach to classroom management. They appreciate honesty and kindness. They respect it, and thus, are quick to listen and please their teacher.

10 Positive Classroom Management Tips & Tricks

10 positive classroom management tips and tricks to get your classroom running smoothly in positive ways. Includes many free resources and product ideas.