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It’s better to be high on marijuana then to be f’d up on these drugs

Have you had a bad drunken night? You know one of those nights that you will never be able to live down or forget? I am guessing that if you have had one of those nights

Nasty, disgusting things that people do everyday

There are a lot of disgusting things that some people out there do on a daily basis, and I would have to rate it as being nasty. I am not of the reasons why some people do these things, but apparently they do

What superpower would you want? Would you be good or evil?

I know it is completely fictional but I have been asked "What superpower would you want to have" and if I would be a "Hero" or a "Villain" and I have put some serious thought into everything. I can without a doubt say that my superpower of choice would have to be

Extremely nasty women. An unattractive and unshaved opinions

what makes people so different in their opinion of what they consider to be pretty or sexy, but I must say there are some instances in which it borderlines the extreme and I have no ideal how someone could find them intriguing because I think that are not sexy at all

Answer this. Who is worse crackheads or dope addicts?

What scares me now a days is not only is there a ton of people who shoot dope and smoke crack, but now they have drugs that are even more addicting, and even more dangerous! I mean Holy SHIT! W.T.F. is this World coming to?

Why being fat and out of shape just sucks donkey ass.

Being out of shape sucks, and for the people who are sitting at home who understand this they know the battle. I will admit it is hard to watch what you eat and to get up and exercise on a consistent basis but look at the alternative

Wrestlemania 32 was pretty f’ing amazing. Your thoughts?

I have to say that wrestlemania has been very impressive this year throwing in some unexpected winners that I honestly didn't see coming. Not only did they have some freaking amazing matches, but they really tricked me with some of the winners

Amazing! This is what a 7 million dollar diamond ring looks like!

Yes that is the right price. This is a 7 million dollar 30 carat diamond ring. All I can say is "DAMN" if there is any guy out there who could afford to buy this little ole ring for me all I can say is "I DO!"

Weird virtual sex suit is exploding onto the scene

I have no words to explain the video. I mean I know what is going on, and I am guessing that it feels better then it looks. All I can say is that technology is now more then just mind blowing if you catch my drift.

Drunk Donald Trump. He does sound so wasted.

There seems to be a lot of b.s. going into the Presidential race. From the Ted Cruz look a like that is now suppose to be getting involved in the porn industry to all the

Feeling lucky? Get a scratch off or play your lucky numbers.

Have you ever just had the urge to go somewhere and pick yourself up a scratch off or maybe a lottery ticket and for some unknown reason you actually hit it. Granted you might not hit it big, but a win is a win. I have always wondered if that is your inner self knowing that today you are going to get a little lucky

How can a man find another man sexy & want that ass?

Questions concerning homosexuality is all around us. People either are for it or against it, and that doesn't have anything to do with this post. I am not saying that I can see how a man can not see that another guy is good looking. I just can not see how a man can get aroused by another man.

Stupid celebrity news and why it sucks wang

How does stupid celebrity news end up on the same front page of the news as mass shootings and World disasters? Someone answer this because it just doesn't make any sense. How does some dumb news about some actor or musician even compare to some World disaster or mass shooting, and why would they deserve to be in the same segment or news page?

Giant turds, massive poops, and exploding buttholes -...

Ever had to go the bathroom so bad that you can literally feel your butthole start to quiver? You can feel the giant turn ready to let loose

Why are people so crazy? Because we live in insanity.

Why are people so crazy? From psychopathic stalkers and the mentally unstable to the subtle unseen lunatics who live quietly among us. Beware

Messing with someones food. Pissed off fast food employess

One problem with fast food is letting complete strangers put their hands all over your food.Who knows if they're going to mess with your food?