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Pinterest Acqusition - Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft or IPO? List of Suitors


Pinterest should file for an IPO - The Term Sheet: Fortune's deals blog Term Sheet

How to slow Pinsanity.
Nothing gets tech bloggers more hot and bothered than the next new social media thing, and right now that thing is Pinterest.
The digital scrapbooking startup has all the right ingredients: Rapid user adoption (11 million unique visitors last month), big-name VC backers (Andreessen Horowitz, Bessemer, etc.) and

Apple - Would Pinterest make Sense for Apple?

Apple could be more social. How successful is Ping. They could afford it. Imagine Pinterest integration direct into iPhone / iPad. And Apple Pin TV!

Google - Would it be a smart move for Google to counter Facebook's acquisition of Instagram by acquiring Pinterest?

This is a follow on question to: Facebook-Instagram Acquisition (April 2012)

Amazon - Would acquiring Pinterest be a smart move for Amazon?

In light of Facebook's acquisition of Instagram, would it be smart for Amazon to purchase Pinterest to assist discovery and sales?. Answer 1 of 5: The key ways I could see this deal helping Amazon are:...

Facebook - How much has Facebook likely offered Pinterest to acquire it circa April 2012?

Clearly Facebook has ongoing conversations with any successful social service. Given Facebook's failure to become a social commerce juggernaut (Zuckerberg has gone on record claiming social commerce on Facebook would be huge), Pinterest's growing success in this arena, and Facebook's recent $1B p...